Baby bedding feature

Baby bedding feature

Baby bedding
... Baby bedding ...

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Essential to prepare for birth! Baby bedding

Image where baby sleeps with futon

Mom who doubt

Why is it useless with the same duvet as adults?

If you go to bed with Mama dad, the adult for adults is a babyWhen it became a depressionWhen the duvet is coveredBring your baby's mouth and noseThere is a possibility. It is recommended that Mama Papa and baby can sleep with a baby-specific bag with a baby-only bag.

Puppapupo Baby Duvet Set

About 5.5 cm fluttering

For soft newborns with unexploded and soft, it is not a fluffy soft, but it supports the spineSome hardness things are bestIt is said that. Puppapupo's futon set layout is taken out of the core of the coreCover and cotton separatelyI can do it.

The thickness is about 5.5 cm, cover and cotton separately washing OK

Baby futon set that is a whole

All puppapupo futon sets areLaundry OK!
It is easy to clean and maintain clean condition.

Image that is dried out of the futon

Laundry method, ladding core is hand washing, others using laundry net OK with vertical washing machine

Selectable 2 sizes

  • Easy to clean and easy to clean
    UsabilityFor moms of

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    Mini size
  • It is safe to go to bed
    I want to use itMom

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    Regular size
Save 60 x 90 cm Mini Size, Long 70 x 120cm Regular Size

Baby bedding
Basic setting method

From below → Site sheets → Pig pads → pads (even on fitting sheets are OK!) → Fitting sheets → Baby makura or towel, etc.
  • Padding pad / sister

    Padding pad / sister
    There is absolute convenience!

    Waterproof padding pads and seeds sheets do not get dirty, and the laundry is much easier.

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  • Bed guard

    Bed guard
    I am confident for the assortment! !

    Babyweet fence, of course, protect from cold air and hot air such as air conditioner. We also enjoy coordination with futonflomers from what fits for any futon.

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  • Baby makura

    Baby makura

    Baby sweat and pillow washing pillows are a mast to prepare a cleaning! It is a petit design and a cute design, and it is a perfect item for gifts.

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There is still!
Handy item

  • Cool cushion

    Sleeping cushion usage image

    Baby who started to go to bed
    Useful for replacement

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  • Hug

    Hug Friends Used Image

    Back switch measures and out
    A great success in sleeping

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Can be used according to the season
Iloilo"I have!

I'm worried about sleeping cold in cold time ...
At that time,Bedding tailored to the seasonSucceed
Make your baby comfortable for your baby by using ...

Sleeping countermeasure in winter cold season
Winter warmth

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