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A new color appears in the Iblu series!newcolor

Beige and Ivory fabric up

A warm new color beige joins!

What is Emboil?

Embured futon

"불불 (イ불」 불불 "means" futon "in Japanese. Compared to Japan's futon, Korean futon is thin, as well as futon, and it is a topic in Japan! Puppapupo lifted its material as it was to baby products.

  • Why now
    Illuma is
    Are you selected?
  • Reason…
    It is in the commitment of the material.

    • The touch is soft
    • Water absorption
    • Easy to dry
    • Washing machine OK
  • So to baby
    It is perfect!
  • Baby-friendly skin touch

    Puppapupo's Ebi
    Think about the touch of the baby,
    I was particular about softness.
    Children and Illphum
    • Feature of our shop's Emboil

      Not a pigment that is often used in common Erables,
      Dye printfor
      It is kind to the skin and hard to fall.

      Puppapupo original

      Our shop of China's Sobble is made of Korea and
      The thread is also thin and soft yarn is used.

    • More


      • Water absorption

        Because it does not stick
        Perfect for sweaty baby.

      • Breathable

        It is hard to mureless because it is breathable.

      • washing machine

        Washer OK even if it gets dirty!

  • Design to dissolve in the interior

    Simple interior
    It is easy to use for those who like
    Natural design.
    Iblo Item and Interior

    # Korean interior

    # Natural interior

Room Image

Beige room Ivory room

Products using the material of Eblinger

  • Sunny Mat

    Sunny Mat
    Illumo Moroccan

  • Nursing cushion

    Nursing cushion
    Illumo Moroccan

  • 5 baby duvet

    5 baby duvet
    Illumo Moroccan

  • 5 mini futon

    5 mini futon
    Illumo Moroccan

  • Cohen + hug futon

    Coofan + hug futon
    Illumo Moroccan

  • Hug futon

    Hug futon
    Illumo Moroccan

  • 5 points of nap

    5 points of nap
    Illumo Moroccan

  • Friendship sheet

    Friendship sheet

  • Illumi Rug Mat

    Illumi Rug Mat
    200 × 200 cm

  • Illumi Rug Mat

    Illumi Rug Mat
    150 × 200 cm


  • 出産準備


  • おやすみ


  • おうちフォト


  • お食事タイム


  • おでかけ


  • キッズ・ジュニア