Attention No. 1! Strawerer Wagon

Stoller Wagon, Keenz × puppapupo

Reasons for strawerer wagons

Roofed!Multifunctional type 2 seater stroller

  • Walking, park

    Region, walk, park play, etc.

  • Athletic meet, camp

    Athletic meet, leisure, etc.
    go out

It will be really easy with this one!

Odejo with your child,
Is there any trouble like this?

  • There are many luggage, heavy and bulky
  • Movement with brothers and sisters is very difficult
  • Worried the weather to go out

Your worries1There are many luggage, heavy and bulky

Strawberry wagon ...
A lot of storage that can be used according to the application!

Main storage, storage or basket, cold storage bag, shoes, accessories

A large capacity storage for a luggage athletic meet, theme park, summer, river, mountain leisure, etc.Large capacity storage!

※ Depending on the place of use, there is also a facility for which use as a wagon is prohibited.
Please check in advance for each facility before going out.
  • Because it is a wagon type, children and luggage
    bothCan be put on.

    Photos taking a luggage with kids and luggage
  • With a firm wide holding hand & a large and small tire with suspension,
    Mom also moving operationeasilyThat's it.

    A firm hand and a large and small tire
There are a lot of buyer's voice and storage pocket, and cold storage BAG is also convenient, so it is convenient for the daytime far. Because there is a lot of luggage, the outdoors are, of course! I can usually use it!

Your worries2Movement with brothers and sisters is very difficult

I'm glad I bought a strawberry wagon!Voice of senior moms

I have to hold two baby cars, but I feel safe because I can see two people at the same time

Decide ...
Safety measures to protect your child as a stroller

Safety belt adopts five-point belts. Normal transport carry
Unlike different from the safety, the stroller safety standard
One of the European safety standards EN1888 is cleared.

Front wheel stopper, 5-point belt, rear wheel stopper The voices of the buyer, and the goes to take two people are much easier, the children can play freely in the children! It was good to buy!

Your worries3Worried the weather to go out

Can be easily installed
Roof and side curtainand
Protect gently from the sunshine!

Strawberry wagon, photograph attached to roof When I put a toy with a buyer's voice, roof, I was like a play room and spent a comfortable sun.


  • Strawerer wagon with rain cover

    Not only rainy days but also as winter cold protectionWith rain cover!

  • Folding and stored in a car

    If you fold the minimum sizeLeisure leisureCan also be used!



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