Organic Cotton × Double Gauze

Earth also skin for your skin

Organic cotton double gauze

Baby is also happy for mom
Organic cotton 100% double gauze

Natural taste familiar with the interior of the house
Total coordination with series items.

Organic CottonEarth also skin for your skin

Mother who hugs the baby

Actually, cotton and organic grown normally
In Cotton, there is no difference in quality itself.
Cotton products are not either organic cultivation
It is kind to the skin.
In this series,
"Future of the Earth and Baby from now on"
Environmentally friendly organic cotton

What is Organic Cotton?

Criteria about how to produce organic agricultural products
Organic agricultural products for more than 2 to 3 years according to
Farmland recognized by certification authorities after production practices
So, the strict standard of pesticides and fertilizers used for cultivation
It is a cotton that was fostered and raised.

Baby supplies excellent material

Up photo of double gauze

Soft, water-absorbent and breathable softly
Double gauze material is perfect for baby's delicate skin.
Because it can be washed with a washing machine, cleaning in the house is also easy!

designTo the natural color of the generation
Compatible Batchy Color Variations

Mustard × Lemon Gray × Cherry

Point, wrinkled fabric × Cute fruit embroidery

Series Item

Mustard × Lemon and Gray × Cherry Total Coordinity Stock Photos
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