Dakimakura made by pregnant woman

Dakimakura, exquisite curve, fit to stomach, made by pregnant woman

A pregnancy period that does not exhaust
I wish I could buy it earlier
The voices of

Because it is not so ...

When should I buy and buy?

Underground-late-term-late image, hungry, hard to sleep, easy attitude not found

The guidelines for buying and purchasingFeel hungry
From mid-pregnancy to late period

※ There are individual differences in the use indication.

in the first place
Dakimakura for maternity, what is different?

Photograph used as a nursing cushion for a nursing cushion

Hugkura for pregnant women has a little difference between the company that is easy to fit into the body, such as a moderate elasticity, cotton leakage. And it can be used as a lactation cushion after birth,An easy-to-use device for pregnant womenIt is recommended to select a pillow for maternity as it is done.

Dakimakura, can be used as a nursing cushion


  • Fervorpointmade in Japan

    All japanProduced at domestic factories
    Good luck in Japan

    • Fluffy double gauze

      Snealed pregnant woman, soft gauze fabric

      Changes in hormone balance during pregnancyDerikate teaking to be delicate, and the skin is directly friction with the skin, and it was finished with a soft gauze dough with 100% cotton with less skin. It is good for gauze as the softness increases as it is washed.

    • Teigin cotton

      Cotton uses Teijin's chryows, silicone coating, and offers soft texture and rich cushioning. Hollow and 3D Sticky elasticity, it's hard to get rid of it

      Even if you wash it, it is a cotton that is difficult to go to stickilySo you can use it cleanly. It is a hug that you can use it after pregnancy, as well as after birth.

  • FervorpointDakimakura that can be used for multi

    Snap button is followed, medium-season and late pregnancy, pillow, lactation period for nursing cushion

    Furthermore, such a way of use

    To pillows, to the back pain measures, to papulate the foot of the foot. It is easy to use in the room, so it's a simple design that can be used but I will want one more!
  • FervorpointShape of hug

    To pregnant woman
    Fit naturally
    Exquisite curve

    When you hug to fit the body line according to this curve, support head, belly and feetIn the attitude that can be relieved with natureIt is considered to be easy to make it easy.

    • Dakimakura + "Sims's Positions"
      More relaxed

      I'm getting hungry and I'm getting sick
      Sleeping attitude "Sims's Position" for pregnant women

      Sims's position
      • Left hand down to the left side of the body
      • The right hand puts it in front and puts it on a pillow
      • The body is blown down
      • Right foot bend from the roots and put it in front and put it on the pillow
      • The left foot is straight
    • Used image by head

      153 cm, 159cm, 168 cm Hugged Image
  • FervorpointTotal coordinate

    In the same pattern baby goods
    Total coordination can be enjoyed.
    Simple design with a sense of unity in the room.

    Total coordination image of the series made of Japan Healthy sleep with a pillow that suits you


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