Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Amorlecredit Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") considers the protection of personal information to be a social responsibility, and has established the following "Handling of Personal Information on the Website" in accordance with the "Privacy Policy of Imarge Co., Ltd."

Scope of application of personal information handling

With regard to personal information handling, customers are adapted when purchasing products, membership registration, contact with us, and subscriptions for email magazines.
Personal information collected when our site is used is managed according to the concept of handling of our personal information.

Purpose of use of personal information

We use personal information collected from the customer, order information (including information about your order history), as well as the purpose of providing this service, etc. you may. Besides the provision of this service or the purpose specified below, we will not use your personal information.

  1. When introducing our products and services for customers
  2. In our company, you will be promoted by your customers and check your order content, check the change procedure
  3. When answering for inquiries from customers
  4. For customers, please provide opinions and comments for our services
  5. In order to use it for the purpose of contacting our customers separately,
  6. To create statistical materials classified by customer's attributes (age, address, etc.)
  7. To provide and display information dissemination and service adapted to their preferences for each customer

About safety management of personal information

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we have access to personal information, restrictions on bridge, unauthorized access, leaks, loss, destruction, and reimbursement, etc. If you have an accident about personal information such as leakage, we will take appropriate measures as soon as possible.

About deposit of personal information

We may deposit the work within the extent necessary to achieve the explicit use purpose. In that case, we will manage and supervise the business consignee.
(Business outsourcing destination is a printing company for shipping company, direct mail delivery, and a collection contract company in case of unpaid product price.)

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

We do not provide and publish personal information to third parties such as other operators and individuals without permission of the person.
However, it is not the case if applicable below.

  1. If you have the consent of the person about the information provision
  2. If disclosure is required based on laws and regulations from public institutions such as government offices
  3. Disclosure of personal information to business partners regarding operations of this site. However, the information disclosed in this case is limited to the required range, and the disclosure address is required to manage personal information by contracts.

About cookies

Cookies are one data stored in your hard drive, including information about your customers. Cookies are not linked to our site by personal identification information. You can use this site even if you reject cookies.

This site uses cookies in the product details page and shopping cart. Our shop does not use cookies for unnecessary information collection purposes. (Not limited to our shop) If you want to be purchased in a cart format, it is recommended that your browser cookie settings are enabled.

On this site, this cookie to collect access logs to help improve the site's user's ability, and save time and effort of personal information when you visit the site again, and to use it more conveniently There is a page that uses it.

Other Confirmation Matters About Privacy on the Internet

  1. Note that if personal information is spontaneously disclosed on the Internet, such as a bulletin board, that information may be collected and used by other users. If you publish your email address, you may receive undesirable messages based on the information posted there. Customers need to be recognized to make information at your own risk.
  2. Companies that collect personal information through third party sites and services that can be accessed through this website, or promotion activities, etc. It is established. We do not assume any duty or responsibility for these independent third party terms and activities.

Change of handling of personal information and notification

The Company may change the content of the handling of this personal information without prior notice due to our operating needs, new laws and regulations enforcement, revising and other circumstances of existing laws and regulations. If you change, post it on this website and let me know. Please check the latest content on this page when using it.

Please contact the contact information below for personal information and the handling of personal data held, etc. Please contact the following contact.

Amorlecredit Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Manager Officer Koda Hitoshi

Aichi Prefecture Ama District Hanatsune Oharu Gōura 24-3

Manager and disclosure, correction / deletion of personal information

The contact information for the administrator of the member's personal information, contacts and members of the contact information if you wish to disclose, correct and delete your personal information.
If you would like to disclose, correct and delete it, please contact us. Please note that you will confirm that you are the person at that time.

Personal Information Protection Policy Contact

Amorlecredit Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Manager Officer Koda Hitoshi

Aichi Prefecture Ama District Hanatsune Oharu Gōura 24-3