Washable Highchair cushion large (Jersey knit)


  • Suitable for both high chairs and low chairs
    Cushion for wooden or platic highchairs and low chairs. The cushion is machine washable, so it is a must for moms who wonder if the chair is too hard for their child or are worried about stains on the chair itself.
  • "Fluffy cushion" is the top item in terms of customers satisfaction
    The thickness of the cushion is about 5 cm, which can prevent stains and cover the problem of chairs that are too uncomfortable to sit on.
  • 100% cotton outer fabric

  • Anti-slip bonding finish on the back side
    The backside is processed with a anti-slip surface to prevent shifting. Does not shift easily, even children who move frequently.
  • Easy to wash!
    The entire product can be machine-washed in a laundry net, making it easy to clean up spills and drinks. We recommend that you buy more than one for washing.
  • With a hole for crotch belt
    There is a hole for a crotch belt about 8 cm wide, making it more difficult to shift.
  • Easy to Attach
    Easy to attach and detach, it is fastened with a string. Simply fasten the strings in two places on the back of the chair, one at the top and one at the bottom.
  • Interior-oriented design
    Natural and simple design that blends well with your interior. The colors are ivory, gray, and other dull tones, making it a perfect match for wooden chairs and room interiors.
  • Also available in the same design for wide type chairs.

  • Quality Assurance, Safety and Reliability
    We want our baby goods to be safe to use from newborns, and we want mothers to feel confident in their choice because their children will be using them. Our products undergo several tests (product inspection, washing test and fabric inspection) by a third-party organization.
  • Washing method

  • Product size

SPEC Size, materials and specifications

Item Number
Approx. 41cm x 64cm
Outer fabric: 100% cotton, Inner fabric: 100% polyester (with anti-slip surface) Padding: 100% polyester
Please note that this product may not be usable for some chairs with special shapes. Size may vary slightly from the description due to the structure of the quilt product. Depending on the type and degree of stains and the passage of time, it may not be possible to remove them even by washing. Stains such as permanent marker cannot be removed. Please be careful.
Country of origin
Designed in Japan, Made in China
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