Washable Washing prevention cushion for exclusion


    • Useful for お 防 防 防 防 防 防

      The baby's diaper change that started to be turned over is very difficult. It is a support cushion for so cute cloud-shaped turnover prevention that is likely to be. ※ This product is not completely prevented from being turned over.

    • Baby body gently guard

      It is a very useful cushion when the cloud-shaped large cushion gently guards the torso of Bevi, and starts to be active.

    • 100% cotton, soft and kind pile land is pleasant

      All parts that touch your skin are full of soft and gentle texture cotton pile fabric. Because it is excellent in water absorption and breathability, it is a sweaty baby and can be used comfortably regardless of the season.

    • Easy adjustment of cushion width with surface tape

      Free adjust the waist width according to the size and growth of the baby. It's very easy and time to change the position of the tape.

    • Use a very soft surface tape

      The material of the tape's pasting part is used to touch even if you touch it.

    • The silhouette of the whole is cute. Color 2 color development

      Catachi is too cute Catachi no doubt that it will be visible ◎ ホ It is easy to get familiar with simple baby flies and interiors in white and gray color variations.

    • Accent star embroidery

      It is healed by the embroidery of a polite fashionable star.

    • How to use

      After adjusting the size with surface tape, let me sleep in time to come in the cushion under two waki. Size adjustment is possible even after you can sleep. ※ It can not be used when sleeping. Do not use this product for the head.

    • Quality inspection considering relief and safety

      I want to be a baby goods that can be used safely from newborns, so I would like to choose my mom safely because it is used by my children. Our products have implemented "product inspection, laundry test and fabric test" by third party organizations.

    • Washing method

      Remove the medium member (uretan cushion) and wash only the cover.

    • Product size



SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
Puppapupo Poppopo
Approximately 45.5 cm × 27 cm x 14 cm
Cushion Cover: 100% pile part cotton, pile-based partial polyester 100% cushion: Gold ground polyester 100%, medium material urethane foam mat: 100% of pile part cotton, 100% pile-based partial polyester, medium 100% polyester%
0 months to 7 months (Please use it according to your child's growth)
This product is not a product for the purpose of taking a nap or sleeping to sleep. Please be sure to be attached to the guardian when using.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China