Waterproofing diaper change sheet 50 sheets with disposable


    • For exclusive exchange such as outdoors

      In the house, of course, it can be used with a little exchanging diaper such as shopping malls, parks and leisure facilities. Not only dirt and leak prevention but also measures against infections on the go. Hygiene to put a baby directly on the diaper stands installed in the facility. . . It is a convenient item that is nice for the mom.

    • Web limited design package

      Taka is consumables, and then consumables. Because it is always in the room, the package design was considered as a theme of "not disturbing the interior of the room and disseminating a baby room and a living room without discomfort".

    • The surface is paper, the back surface is waterproofed with polyethylene

      Since the back side is polyethylene, it will waterproof properly. The surface is light and thin paper material. ※ Since the surface of this product is paper, some water absorption will be water-absorbing, but please stop using for a long time, such as your sleep.

    • 66 x 45 cm large format size

      Approximately 66 cm × 45 cm large size with baby entering. Perfect for diaper exchange platform such as leisure facilities and shopping malls. If you are a little big, you can use it as half with scissors in half, and it can also be used as a good 30 x 45 cm, 33 x 45 cm mini size of about 100 minutes.

    • I am happy to be a busy mom "time short" goods

      If there is a diaper change sheet, it is possible to change the surroundings without getting stained, and the post-processing is only "time short" because it is good to replace the dirty sheet.

    • Even with baby food and snacks

      As it is backside waterproof, it can be used widely as a measure against eating baby food and snack times. As you use it, you can only discard it, so you will save you the trouble of cleaning!

    • 1 sheet can be extracted

      If you open the package along the perforations, it is easy to remove one piece with one piece. Take out only the necessary amount when necessary OK!

    • Compactly carry

      Because it is light and thin, it does not bully. It is convenient that IN even in IN or the pouch with the diaper with a small folded bag pocket, etc.

    • Sheet color


    • Product size


SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
Puppapupo Poppopo
Approximately 66 x 45 cm
Square: Paper Background: Polyethylene
0 months ~
This product does not flow to the toilet. Since the surface of this product is a paper material, some water absorption will be water-absorbed, but please stop using continuously for a long time, such as the measures against sleep.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China