Spongebed bed


    • Eliminate the worries of the first bathing bath

      It is full of dad and mom to wash the first bath, born and born baby. "Spongebus Bed" can eliminate such papa mattress troubles. Since both hands can be used while making a baby sleeping, it will be comfortable even for a bathing bath! Topical One-Opeppy Plas Convenient Goods.

    • It is really convenient that both hands can be used

      While supporting the baby's head with one hand, washing with one hand with the other hand, it is really very difficult to wash with one hand in a bathing bath. It is also difficult to wash to a detailed place around the neck and the back of the ear, the back of the ear, and the lower fingertips. However, if there is a sponge bed, both hands can be used, so it can be washed with a fine part, and the burden on dad and mom arms is small.

    • Fluffy soft sponge

      A soft sponge with a sense of stability that is not too soft enough to put on the baby. The baby uses a fine eye urethane sponge so as not to sink too sink.

    • Warmy keep with fine eye urethane

      During bathing, the body makes it easy to cool. This spongebath bed uses a fine eye urethane sponge, so it is easy to absorb hot water, and you can feel the warmth every time you put in hot water.

    • It is a sponge type, so good

      There are various types of "bus beds", but after using a good spot of sponge type, it is one of the attractive places that can be lung and hanging and drying. A convenient hit to dry or hang down.

    • Easy to clean

      After use, wash well, squeeze and dry it and dry. However, it is important to keep it hard to grow mold in the bath product, so it is difficult to grow mold in the case of water and dry!

    • Two variations

      Two variations of cute die-cut bear design and cats design.

    • Product size


SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
Puppapupo Poppopo
Cat: about 32 × 49 cm bear: about 30 × 47.5 cm Common: Thickness about 4.5 cm
Polyurethane foam
0 months ~
Since this product is folded into two at the time of delivery, it is possible to make a slightly folded trace. This is alleviated while using it. note that. This product uses urethane foam. Urethane may discolor depending on direct sunlight and fluorescent lamp effects, use environments, etc. This is characteristic of urethane foam, and there is no change in use performance.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China