Baby Blanket 6-ply gauze (65cm x 85cm)


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    • Fluffy blanket 6-ply gauze

      Very popular blanket, embroidered with stars and cherries, it looks very cute. It is an item that will make both mom and baby smile after using it.

    • Perfect to sleeping outside or in the car without getting cold
      The simple design and large size make it ideal not only in the baby's room but for use in the car, or outdoors too as a cold-weather protection. It can also be used as a lap blanket for mom or dad.
    • The perfect textile for babies

      6-ply gauze is highly breathable and moisture-wicking, absorbing sweat and moisture. It is also lightweight and warm, making it an ideal cloth for babies regardless of the season. It can be washed and dried quickly even during the rainy season and winter, when laundry is hard to dry. (*Please use a laundry net when washing.)

    • Simple and cute embroidered or printed
      The front side is available in two types: a small, cute embroidered type and a printed type. The reverse side is a simple, plain, tonal color that is cute.
    • Cost-effective because it can be used all year round
      There is no need to buy a whole set of blankets for each season, as one blanket can be used all year round, making it a very cost-effective option.
    • Shell stitch and gauze 

      The shell stitch and the gauze make this blanket very stylish.

    • Quality Assurance, Safety and Reliability

      We want our baby goods to be safe to use from newborns, and we want mothers to feel confident in their choice because their children will be using them. Our products undergo several tests (product inspection, washing test and fabric inspection) by a third-party organization.

    • Suit perfectly with our wearable blanket collection

    • Washing method

    • Available in 2 sizes

      Regular size (85cm x 155m) and mini size (65cm x 85cm) are available.

    • Size of product

SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
Brand name
65cm × 85cm
100% cotton
Target age: 0 months ~
These size charts are intended for general reference only.
Country of origin
Designed in Japan, Made in China
85 x 115 cm is here wearable blanket is here