Made in Japanese Japanese bleaching futon double gauze


  • Recommended for moms who are worried about "back switch"

    It is a topic item if you can move to bed etc. as it is close to your sleeping posture in your mom's arm, so if you sleep smoothly.

  • Stable hugs even if you can't hug

    The hugging futon just hugs the baby as lying down with a futon, so you can keep a stable hug while keeping a moderate curve. The feature is that it is easy to try a comfortable hug for grandfather and dad.

  • Soft and soft "Domestic cotton 100%bleached gauze"

    The soft and smooth soft -soft domestic double -handed bleached gauze fabric adopts 100 % cotton (cotton) fabric that is easy on baby. It is excellent in water absorption, heat retention, and breathability, and if you use it comfortably all year round, "cotton" is definitely recommended. A simple print and a gentle texture gently wrap the baby.

  • Use Japanese traditional high -quality "Japanese bleaching"

    "Japanese bleaching" is cooked for 4 days without using a strong chemical, and it is made white and plumply with a stress that does not pull or stretch the fiber. In general, while there are many "bleaching", the high -quality Japanese traditional "Japanese bleaching" is a must -have material for babies.

  • It's good to be right after I was born

    Hugging can be used from newborns. By holding your daily time since you were born, you can naturally create your own space and a safe place for your baby.

  • Review of senior moms

  • The batting is Taijin's Washeron® ECO cotton washing OK

    The batting adopts Washeron® ECO of "Taigin", which is durable and highly high. It is a batting that can be washed with a clean, comfortable and hygiene washing machine realized with state -of -the -art technology.

  • Taigin's Washeron® Exco Cotton is amazing

    ● Even after washing, the fiber does not solidify and can be washed in a washing machine. The washing is plump. ● Each fiber is specially coated, so it has a very good quick drying. I'm glad that it dries immediately after washing. ● The batting can be washed with a washing machine, so you can always keep it clean without any hassle.

  • Compact size that is convenient to carry

    Because it is compact size, it can be used for a little diaper change or a small nap on the go. ( * Because the cushion is soft cotton, it is not suitable for long sleep)

  • Natural and gentle bear design

    A cute bear type with ears. The print is Kinari and the bear is beige. It is a print with the front bear and the bear in the back and the apple pattern. The design of the biting apple has also entered in some places, making it a playful and fun design. It is a natural, gentle and cute impression.

  • It can be used for a long time even if your child grows

    Even if it gets bigger, you can use it for a long time, such as playing with your play and a cushion as a cushion.

  • Quality inspection considering safety and security

    I want my mom to choose a baby goods that can be used with peace of mind from newborns, so I want moms to choose with confidence because they are used by children. Our products are conducting "formalin tests" by third -party organizations.

  • Washing method

  • Product size

  • SPECSize, material, specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    Puppapupo Puppupo
    Approximately 40 x 72cm (cover alone about 41 x 75cm cushion alone)
    Cover: 100%cotton ear part/gawa cotton 100%, medium polyester cushion: 100%polyester
    Please do not go to bed for a long time with this product. When using, be sure to accompany your parents.
    Country of origin
    Designed Japan, Made in Japan
    Target age: 0 months ~

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