Topponcino cover (Moroccan design)


  • Washable cover for our topponcino
    We have received many requests. "A washable cover" is one of the most requested items for our topponcino. Because it is used every day, "I thought it would be nice if there were individual covers for washing!", "It's a disappointment to not be able to use the cover until it's dry, even though it's washable."
  • 100% cotton cover
    The cover is made of baby-friendly 100% cotton, and the quilted Moroccan pattern on the korean comforter with a cute pocky feeling will gently wrap your baby. The cover is simple and will fit in well with your interior design.
  • Best to use right after childbirth
    You can use a topponcino after delivery. You can naturally create a "space of your own" and a "safe and secure place" for your baby.
  • Overlap closure
    The insert is easily accessible for housecleaning purposes and without an added element.

  • Comes with a string to secure the padding

  • This cover is exclusively for PUPPAPUPO Topponcino
    This cover can be used for any type of PUPPAPUPO Topponcino (inner cushion).
  • Simple and chic colors

  • Quality Assurance, Safety and Reliability

    We want our baby goods to be safe to use from newborns, and we want mothers to feel confident in their choice because their children will be using them. Our products undergo several tests (product inspection, washing test and fabric inspection) by a third-party organization.

  • Washing method

  • Size of product

SPEC Size, materials and specifications

Item number
Brand name
Approx. 41cm × 70cm
Front surface: 100% cotton, Padding: 100% polyester, Lining: 100% polyester, Back surface: 100% cotton
This is a dedicated cover for PUPPAPUPO's Topponcino (inner cushion).
Country of origin
Designed in Japan, Made in China
Target age: 0 months and up

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