Moses basket stand


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  • With soothing rocking functionality

     this Moses basket stand is perfect for rocking your baby to sleep with its gentle motion. *Please do not shake the stand vigorously or engage in any other dangerous behavior.

  • Just the right height to prevent dust and pets
    Dust generally rises to about 20 cm from the floor even in a quiet room. There are times when pets or children can disturb your baby. By using a stand, you can keep the Moses basket at a good height.
  • Reduces the strain on the body
    The height of the stand reduces the strain on your body when picking up and putting down your baby.
  • For cold air, warm air, and moisture control

    For moms who don't want to put the cooling fan directly on the floor during cold or humid winters... For moms who think so! It provides protection from cold air in the room that accumulates on the floor, direct warm air from fan heaters.

  • Natural wooden stand

  • "Spacious shelf" with enough space to receive moses basket

  • Size of product

  • Caution
    A Phillips screwdriver is required to assemble this product. An electric screwdriver is recommended for faster assembly.

SPEC Size, materials and specifications

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(W) 86cm × (D) 41.5cm × (H) 48.5cm
Target age: 0 months to around 3 months
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Country of origin
Made in China