P-edition Booster chair + Cushion


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    • P-edition + Exclusive Cushion Set

      This set includes the popular "P-edition" booster chair and a special cushion.

    • Easy-to-install

      The backside is made of breathable mesh fabric for less dampness. *The color of the mesh on the backside differs depending on the color of the cushion. The headrest cushion is easy to attach and detach, and is fastened by putting a string through the hole in the seat unit and tying it at the back. The seat cushion can be easily installed by simply placing it on the seat.

    • Generous circumference for thigh

      The most important point of this P-edition is the circumference for thigh (about 38cm), which allows your baby to sit happily with a smile on his face!

    • 35cm high backrest stable

      The height backrest is about 35cm, which allows a small child to sit stably even when sitting alone. The high backrest prevents the chair from falling over even if the child bends over, and in fact, the backrest makes it difficult for the child to bend over. Furthermore, it comes with a waist belt for safety.

    • Long-lasting is also an important point

      When you feeding your baby, when he start to walk, this a long-lasting chair that you can use until 4 years old.

    • Moderate softness
      There are many similar baby seats, but what makes them different? P-edition is a popular product in Korea for his moderate weight and soft feel. The seat surface is non-slip, so it is stable and easy to sit your baby on it.
    • Push car is great for transportation, so mom and baby are always together!

      Mom is busy all day moving from room to room, to the kitchen, to the laundry, and to the bathroom. The push car with handles comes in handy at times like these. The push car with handles makes it easy to move around, so baby is always with his mom! The handle is firm, there is no need to worry about the seat falling over.

    • Booster chair
      The chair itself can be attached to the dining chairs and used as a booster chair. It is easy to install and remove as it is simply secured with a harness straps with buckle. The length of the strap can also be adjusted.
    • Very useful tray
      A large sized tray with a phone stand and a cup holder with a diameter of 75 mm. It can be used for various uses such as enjoying baby food and reading picture books.
    • Easy to clean
      When the main body gets dirty, simply wipe with a wet washcloth for easy care. If the seat is badly soiled, it can be washed in cold water. The attached cushion is machine washable, so it can also be quickly washed if it gets dirty.
    • Customizable
      You can adjusted everything with the attached cushions. Customize it to match the color of your chair and the style of your room.
    • Content of set

      1. Seat unit 2. Tray 3. Push car unit 4. Handle 5. Safety belt 6. Harness Straps 7. Headrest cushion 8. Seat cushion *Includes nuts necessary for use with handle.

    • Size of product

    • About the product

      Due to the characteristics of the material and manufacturing method, there may be some scratches, color irregularity. These are not considered defective items. The smell of the product may remain, but it will disappear if the product is removed from the plastic package and placed in a well-ventilated shady place for about 24 hours. Please read and understand the above points before purchasing.

SPEC Size, materials, specifications

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Seat unit: Width 37cm x depth 37cm x height 35cm, Tray / Moving Cart unit: Width 39cm x depth 65cm x height 47cm Headrest cushion (crown): Approx. 28cm x 26cm (without pompom) Headrest cushion (rabbit): approx. 23cm × 30.5cm Chair cushion: approx. 25.5cm × 44cm
Seat unit: Polyurethane resin; Tray: Polypropylene; Belt: Polyester; Buckle: Polyacetal resin; Moving cart unit: Polypropylene; Handle: Polyethylene; Nut: Polyethylene Cushion: Surface: 100% cotton; Padding: 100% polyester; Back: 100% polyester
The cushion can exclusively used with the booster chair Essian x Pupapupo P-edition. Please don't leave child unattended.
Country of origin
[Chair] Designed in Japan, Made in Korea [Cushion] Designed in Japan, Made in China
Target age: 100 days to 48 months