Stroller Wagon


  • Not Just a Wagon, but a "Stroller Wagon" for Children to Enjoy Riding
    Unlike ordinary wagons, this stroller wagon is designed not only to carry luggage but also to accommodate two children.
  • When it comes to storage, it's like a small closet.
    Large items can be stored in the main unit of the wagon, and there is plenty of storage for different purposes, such as a cold bag that can be carried as it is, various small and large storage compartments, shoe storage, and so on. A baby bottle holder-stroller is also included.
  • Protects from summer sun and winter winds
    The attached canopy can be attached or detached depending on the situation. The top surface of the canopy can be opened and closed with a zipper to quickly change to mesh. A roll curtain is attached to the inside of the canopy to shut out the sun and wind on both sides.
  • For any occasions (at park, field day, beach, mountain, river, etc.)
    The outdoor wagon is now a standard item for playing in parks, picnics, and athletic meets. Its lightweight but solid frame and large, stable tires make it suitable for any environment.
  • Stroller complies with European safety standard EN1888
    A 5-point harnesses safety belt is used to protect the child. Unlike ordinary transport carriers, this stroller is designed with an emphasis on safety, and has passed the European safety standard EN1888, one of the safety standards for strollers.
  • Foldable
    Easily folded for travel and storage.
  • Contents of set
    1. Stroller frame 2. Cool bag 3. (main unit) Travel stroller bag 4. Baby bottle holder-stroller 5. Canopy 6. Canopy storage bag (wheels, belt cover, etc., already installed in the picture are included as other parts)
  • Size of product

SPEC Size, materials and specifications

Item number
Brand name
Approx. 66cm (width) x 123cm (depth) x 112cm (height) Weight: Approx. 17kg
Stroller frame: Aluminum alloy; Stroller seat: polyester
Target age: 1 to 7 years old (up to 120cm), weight capacity up to 50kg
Require easy first time install. When this product is used as a baby carrier, it is designed for one to two children of the target age. The special rain cover is sold separately (scheduled to be available after January 2023).
Country of origin
Designed in Korea & Japan, made in China