Baby Wipes 12x102ct


  • "Wipes" that are not only high quality, but also attractive in appearance.
    These non-alcoholic, fluffy, thick wipes are simple and easy to fit in with your interior design, and they are large in volume and easy to use.
  • What are the criteria for choosing wipes?
    First, we thought about what moms are looking for in a baby wipe. The most frequently mentioned are " skin friendliness," "wiping power," and "cost-effectiveness". Others questions are "can you take them out one at a time?" or "is it easy to use?".
  • POINT 1: Can be used on newborn baby's hands and mouth
    These wipes can also be used on the hands and mouth of newborn babies. The ingredients ratio is 99.6% purified water: 0.4% additives (Purified water is water with impurities and minerals removed from tap water by distillation, filtration, or other methods to increase its purity.) For a newborn baby, you want to choose water that is as close to water as possible. *Although patch tests have been conducted, this does not mean that irritation will not occur in all people.
  • POINT 2: Embossed finish easily removes dirt and stains.
    The embossed (bumpy) surface of the wipes minimizes friction by reducing the surface that comes into contact with the wipes compared to flat wipes, and the soft and fluffy wipes cleans up dirt easily.
  • POINT 3: Thick and fluffy wipe
    We have come up with the "optimal thickness" based on the opinions of parents who are actually raising their children. Those wypes was created through a trial-and-error process to maintain both moistness and fluffiness without too much or too little moisture.
  • POINT 4: Flip-Top Packs
    It is a great point that each individual package comes with a plastic lid. No need to buy more lids! You can use it with one hand while it is open! It's easy to use!
  • POINT 5: Large capacity of 102 wipes, large size (18cm x 20cm)
    You will understand the cost-effectiveness of PUPPAPUPO wipes when you use them. Because you get a great deal!" PUPPAPUPO wipes are thicker, so you use fewer wipes per use, and they have a large capacity of 102 wipes and a large wipe size of 18cm x 20cm.
  • POINT 6: Easy to take out one wipe at a time
    To make it easy to take out one wipe at a time with one hand and to reduce the number of wipe coming out at one time, we have made "little" efforts such as making the entrance smaller and folding it in a certain way. However, the last one (when the number of wipe is reduced) is inevitably more watery, so it may be difficult to take out with one hand, or two wipes may come out on top of each other compared to the top one. Please understand this.
  • You can use it in different ways, so it is also important to look good
    Of course, they can also be used for wiping mom and siblings' hands and cleaning (as wet wipes). We created a clean design that is easy to use in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and even in the car. It's just a little thing, but we think it's quite important.
  • Storage is also easy to do

    Simple design cardboard packaging that is easy to place in pantries and other stockrooms and easy to stack.

  • Size of product

SPEC Size, materials and specifications

Item Number
Brand name
Number of wipes: 102, Package size: approx. 20cm (width) x 10cm (depth) x 10.5cm (height), Wipe dimensions: approx. 18cm x 20cm
60% polyester, 40% rayon
Taget age: 0 months ~
Patch tested (does not mean that irritation will not occur in all people). These wpes are not water soluble. Do not flush them down the toilet.
Country of origin
Designed in Japan, Made in Korea

For 6 Flip-Top Packs