Kid apron 3 set


  • Convenient 3-piece apron set for kids with bag
    Three-piece set includes an apron, bandanna, and bag for kids. The aprons have a water-repellent finish and are easy to put on and take off, and come in a variety of stylish light colors that can be selected just like choosing clothes. The bandanna is also elastic and can be put on quickly and easily.
  • For kitchen help and cooking practice
    Recommended for helping out in the kitchen at home, cooking time at nursery schools and kindergartens, and cooking practice at school. Of course, they are also great for children who want to imitate adults. The set comes in a package, so the rate of forgetting things is reduced dramatically.
  • Water repellent finish to prevent stains
    The three-piece set is of course all water repellent, so it is safe even if water splashes on it. Just a quick wipe is all that is needed to clean up a little dirt.
  • Flexible elastic for less constrictive feel

    The headband of the bandanna and the neck and waist of the apron are made of elastic that is not too constrictive. Just put it on like a hair band or slip it on over the top, and the child can easily put it on and take it off by themselves. The elastic is not interchangeable.

  • Absolutely convenient to have! Comes with its own bag
    It is a very convenient bag that opens and closes easily with a snap.
  • Apron with front pockets
  • Comes with name tag!
    A must for your child's belongings! All aprons, bandannas, and special bags come with name tags.
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  • Model Reference Size

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SPEC Size, materials and specifications

Item Number
Brand name
Size S (100-120cm): Apron: 60cm (width) X 53cm (length) Bandanna: 50cm (head circumference) - Size M (130-150cm): Apron: 70cm (width) X 63cm (length) Bandanna: 54cm (head circumference) - Common bag: 23x26cm (not including handle)
100% polyester
Water repellent finish is not completely waterproof. The water repellent finish will lose its water repellent function after repeated exposure to water or use. The sizes shown may vary slightly depending on the way they are measured.
Country of origin
Designed in Japan、made in China
Regarding product color
Product colors may vary slightly depending on the production time and lot. In addition, it may look different depending on your terminal or monitor (and browser). Thank you for your understanding.