Rain Dungarees


  • It is very useful not only for those rainy days, but also for the activities of everyday life

    It is a convenient item for playing in the park, in the sandbox, in the garden, or in the water without worrying about getting dirty. Because it's sleeveless, you can be worn with a raincoat or poncho on rainy days.

  • With elastics for dress up and undress easily

    The elastic shoulder straps, chest, hem, and sides make it easy to put on and take off. The loose-fitting design provides enough flexibility for sitting, standing, running, and other activities.

  • Pants cuffs are also tight

    The bottom is tightened so that even small children cannot pull the bottom down.

  • Even with the water repellent finish, the soft material is not stiff

    The fabric part has a "water repellent finish" that easily repels dirt and water. Made of soft polyester, so it is not too thin or thick, and is easy to move around in without being stiff.

  • Easy to put on over clothing

    The loose-fitting design makes it easy to put on over clothing. It is sleeveless, so it can be quickly put on over a T-shirt and shorts in summer, and in winter, it can be worn over a hoodie or outerwear, making it ideal for light protection against the cold.

  • Rain Dungareesis

    Baby kids who want to do everything by themselves, and moms who want to let them do everything. It is also ideal for helping with car washes, kitchen gardens...

  • Includes a bag with the same design

    It comes with a bag for easy storage and carrying. Of course, it also comes with a name tag on which you can write your name. Even children can put it away by themselves, and it can be quickly stored at school, nursery school, kindergarten, or on the go without being bulky.

  • Identical design in front and back

  • Colors

    A lineup of natural Scandinavian-style designs.

  • Washing method

    Hand wash in cold water and hang dry in a well-ventilated, shaded area. *We do not recommend washing in a washing machine or using the hand-wash cycle, as this may degrade the water repellency.

  • Quality Assurance, Safety and Reliability
    We want our baby goods to be safe to use from newborns, and we want mothers to feel confident in their choice because their children will be using them. Our products undergo several tests (product inspection, washing test and fabric inspection) by a third-party organization.

  • Size of product

SPEC Size, materials and specifications

Item number
Brand name
Free size Approximate height 80-100cm
100% polyester (water repellent finish)
Product colors may look different depending on your terminal or monitor (and browser). Thank you for your understanding.
Water repellent finish is not completely waterproof. The water repellent finish will lose its water repellent function after repeated exposure to water or use. The sizes listed may vary slightly depending on how the measurements are taken. Thank you for your understanding.
Country of origin
Designed in Japan, Made in China

for rain boot