Made in Japanese Japanese bleached pillow double gauze


  • I want to reduce my sleep during pregnancy

    During pregnancy, especially in the middle of pregnancy, a mom who can't sleep easily while looking for the most sleepy position anyway. It is a "pillow for pregnant women", which supports such a relaxed time and supports relaxing good night time.

  • Gentle support with moderate volume

    It looks like plenty of batting, but it does not overnut too much when it is tight, and gently supports you with a moderate volume that is not too dented.

  • Soft and soft "Domestic cotton 100%gauze"

    The soft and smooth domestic double gauze fabric adopts 100 % cotton (cotton) fabric that is gentle on baby. It is excellent in water absorption, heat retention, and breathability, and if you use it comfortably all year round, "cotton" is definitely recommended. A simple print and a gentle texture gently wrap the baby.

  • Use Japanese traditional high -quality "Japanese bleaching"

    "Japanese bleaching" is cooked for 4 days without using a strong chemical, and it is made white and plumply with a stress that does not pull or stretch the fiber. In general, while there are many "bleaching", the high -quality Japanese traditional "Japanese bleaching" is a must -have material for babies.

  • The cotton uses Tayjin's crysta

  • It is easy to sleep and "hard to be eliminated" and a solid batting

    Even if you wash it, it is hard to get stuck, so you can use it cleanly. It is a hug that can be used not only for the ease of sleep during pregnancy, but also after childbirth.

  • One button is OK from the pillow to the nursing cushion

    If you fasten the buttons on both tip of the pillow, it will transform into a circular shape, so it is easy to use as a nursing cushion or feet cushion.

  • Maternity -I am glad that it can be used for a long time after giving birth

    Not only as a pillow, but also for nursing cushions, relaxing time for moms and dads in your room, and sitting cushions for a long time.

  • Natural and gentle bear design

    A cute bear type with ears. The print is Kinari and the bear is beige. It is a print with the front bear and the bear in the back and the apple pattern. The design of the biting apple has also entered in some places, making it a playful and fun design. It is a natural, gentle and cute impression.

  • Image of use by height

  • Quality inspection considering safety and security

    I want my mom to choose a baby goods that can be used with peace of mind from newborns, so I want moms to choose with confidence because they are used by children. Our products are conducting "formalin tests" by third -party organizations.

  • Washing method

  • Product size

  • SPECSize, material, specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    Puppapupo Puppupo
    Approximately 110 x 46cm (hugging pillow), about 61 x 49cm (nursing cushion)
    Cover: 100%cotton cushion: 100%polyester
    Country of origin
    Designed Japan, Made in Japan