Stroller Rain Cover


  • "Stroller Rain Cover" for Both Type A and Type B Strollers
    Rain covers for strollers are essential for rainy days, cold days, pollen control, and dust prevention, and can be used for various types of strollers, including A-type, B-type, and high seat types. Some strollers cannot be installed, and some strollers do not fit.
  • Can be used either facing or rear-facing
    The two-way facing design allows for use in either a facing or rear facing position. Of course, you can get in and out of the baby carrier without removing the cover by simply opening the zipper, whether you are facing the baby or facing the back.
  • Easy to put on and take off with double zipper design
    Just put it on the stroller, open and close it with the zipper, and buckle the back, so it can be set up quickly even in a sudden rainstorm.
  • Transparent on both sides and in front for a wide field of vision
    The large transparent area allows for a wide field of vision, making both mom and baby happy. The skirt underneath is also simple and stylish, making rainy day outings more exciting.
  • Luggage can be taken in and out while the cover is still on
    Luggage can be taken in and out of the basket under the stroller with the rain cover still attached.
  • Skirt and back portion are water-repellent
    The skirt and back are also water-repellent. It is easy to wipe clean after returning from an outing. The water-repellent finish is not completely waterproof. We recommend the use of a commercially available waterproofing spray or the like when repeated use in the rain or when the effect wears off.
  • Mesh on both sides for ventilation
    Vertical mesh lines on both sides for ventilation reduce fogging and dampness inside. Comfortable even in summer when it tends to get hot.
  • Choice of color
    You can choose from two types: "Black," a plain and simple design that is perfect for chic and simple strollers as well as strollers with colorful patterns, and "Star," a stylish and cute star pattern design that is cute even on rainy days.
  • Comes with a storage pouch
    Comes with a convenient storage pouch for easy carrying.
  • Size of product

SPEC Size, materials, specifications

Item Number
Brand name
Approx. 44cm × 70cm × 71cm (Pouch:Approx. 26cm × 36cm)
Transparent part: polyvinyl chloride (non-phthalate) Others: polyester Pouch: polyester
Please note that this product may not be usable for some strollers with special shapes, such as baby carriages and 3-wheel strollers. Size may differ slightly from the description depending on the stroller to which it is attached due to its structure. When using the stroller during hot summer months, please be sure to check on your child's condition while inside the stroller as the temperature inside may rise.
Country of origin
Designed in Japan, Made in China
Target age: 0 months and up