Baby Blanket 85 × 115 cm Flannel


  • Different double-sided hair baby of flannel and bore texture

    The surface is a smooth hair foot flannel fabric, the back side, and the back side is a soft mocomo feeling Boa fabric, and a double-sided hair loss with a difference in texture. It is a popular item essential for every year with the feeling that you want to feel unexpectedly.

  • Good night or outdoors, fashionable cold goods such as in the car

    Of course in the room, it is also very active in the cold, outdoor and outdoor measures, such as simple design and large size. It can also be used as a mommy or dad's knee hanging.

  • Materials and functionality perfect for winter

    Polyester is excellent in quick-drying, and it is a material suitable for cold and winter bedding because it is light and warm. Washable to dryness even in winter in dryness of the laundry and dry. Of course washing with a washing machine OK.

  • Warm size points are moderate thickness

    The flannel has a variety of thicks, but Puppapupo flannel blankets are not too thin by changing the texture of the back table, so it is not too thick, so it is not too thick.

  • Simple and cute stars and moon or cherries embroidered


  • There is also a size difference.

    Baby Size 70 x 90 cm can be selected from the page lower banner.

  • Quality inspection considering relief and safety

    I want to be a baby goods that can be used safely from newborns, so I would like to choose my mom safely because it is used by my children. Our products have implemented "product inspection, laundry test and fabric test" by third party organizations.

  • Fashionable color lineup

    ※ Flannel fabric is different from hair foot orientation and light of light.

  • Sleeper and pads with pads are also cute


  • Washing method


  • Product size


SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
Puppapupo Poppopo
85 × 115 cm
100% polyester%
Do not use near fire such as heating instruments. Please note that the flannel fabric is different from the eye orientation of the hair foot or the change of light.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China
70 x 90 cm is here Sleeper is here The bed is here