Breastfeeding Cape Pouch with [Tiny STAR] Tengu Knit × Gauze


    • Hot milk time and fashionable

      Breastfeeding time that is indispensable to daily baby. Sudden milk time is a breastfeeding capable of breastfeeding that only pumps and feathers can be breastfeeding. There is no sense of transparency because it is a double structure of Tengu knit and gauze.

    • Baby and mom are also "mounted" soft wire

      I can't see the face of Mom and I can't see my uneasy baby and baby's face, and I put a soft wire of a loose curve to the collar so as to look secretly from above. The end of the rubber with a soft guard of rubber so that the end is not painful. ※ Please remove the core when washing.

    • Baby hiding is hidden, and it is safe until behind

      Even if you have a breastfeeding cap, the length is short, it looks a bit from behind, or the baby is scolded, and it has a surrounding width about 110 cm from the experiences of various senior moms.

    • You can also adjust the neck

      The part to the neck can be adjusted by D can. Since the tap connection is sewed in the rubber specification, it is not worrying outside the button type.

    • 100% cotton Tengu knit and soft gauze

      The fabric adopts 100% cotton-friendly cotton. Soft knit fabrics that are used for materials such as T-shirts, baby liveliers are comfortable for one year because the liveliness of the baby is well-breathable and soft skin.

    • With a pouch for happy storage

      A lot of breastfeeding opportunity to carry, with a cute storage porch that can be made quickly.

    • Washing method


    • Product size

      Size of the flat cloth part 110 × length 70 cm (not including shoulder) chest about 135 cm

SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
Puppapupo Poppopo
Size of the flat cloth part about 110 × 70 cm (not the shoulder strip) chest about 135 cm
Cape: 100% Cotton Pouch: 100% Cotton
There is no supplied soft wire. Do not bend it forcibly to prevent soft wire degradation and damage. If you fold it forcibly, the shape of the wire may not return to the wire.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China