Mon-age & Future card with storage bag


    • In the anniversary celebration, to the interior of the room

      Baby photo classic items, feel free to easily get stylish monthly photos and anniversary photos. Because it is a fashionable design, it is wonderful even if it is decorated in the corner of the room. The back side is the excellent one of the three roles that you can enjoy the 1-year-old birthday "selection".

    • "Choose" Do you know? Thank you very much.

      One year of a festive event in Japan in Japan, one-year-old commemorative event "choices" which tells the future occupation and talents of your child. It is also possible to arrange the meaning that has the meaning, arranging the goods in front of your child, and tells the future of her child to take any one. This product is a card type that touches small children safely, so it's easy and feel free to enjoy it, so how do you try to commemorate by all means?♪

    • How to choose "Choose"

      Layabling the prepared cards → Little with a little place You are sitting your child and induction → Choose choose

    • Contents of the future (choose) card


    • I'm glad, firmly "thickness"

      Assuming that the baby touches, it has a firm thickness so as not to break. Formaldehyde tested (less than 0.01) ※ Reference of thickness is thicker than the official postcard.

    • Three Cards DESIGN

      Three types of cards DESIGN to choose. (The corner of the card is round cut for a baby)

    • Design "A"


    • Design "B"


    • Design "C"


    • Product size


SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
Puppapupo Poppopo
Card: 10 cm × 15 cm (15 pieces)
Future cards are enjoyed by family, and it is not what to do and determine professions.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China