[Coolness × Organic Gauze] Baby Baby Reversible 70 x 90cm


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    • Using two types of riverbiled and cold sensitive materials

      One side is water-absorbent, breathable cotton 100% organic double gauze, and the other single-sided is a cool feeling of cool feeling of cold feeling. With a cool texture, a good feeling of feeling for sweaty baby. Adult 2-3 times sweat baby, support such baby's summer comfortable sleep.

    • Good night, stroller, etc. can be used anytime and anywhere

      Of course in the room, it is a big success in the direct cold air conditioning measures such as a stroller and a child seat, such as a competitor and a child seat, such as a simple design and a sense of size. It can also be used as a mommy or dad's knee hanging.

    • Cool feeling of cool feeling of cool feeling

      When I touch a little cooling baby, it is a cool feeling of coldness of coldness, so I am perfect for the hot season.

    • Gauze dough uses organic cotton fabric

      Organic cotton has been affordable agricultural land and fertilizers used for cultivation, under the practice of production of organic agricultural products and more than 2 to 3 years according to the standards of manufacturing methods such as organic agricultural products. It is a cotton that was raised and raised.

    • Gauze Surface Simple Star Pattern Print


    • Quality inspection considering relief and safety

      I want to be a baby goods that can be used safely from newborns, so I would like to choose my mom safely because it is used by my children. Our products have implemented "product inspection, laundry test and fabric test" by third party organizations.

    • Even if it matches with matching pads and pads

      It is more effective if you use matching pads and pads. Once you have a total coordination, you can also create a cute summer good night.

    • Washing method


    • Product size


SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
Puppapupo Poppopo
70 x 90 cm
Surface: 100% Nylon Backside: 100% cotton
0 months ~
Please use the laundry net when washing. This product uses a fabric that contacts the contact coldness for the baby is a little cooler in adults.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China