Baby gaura that can be washed with Japan


  • Japanese cotton 100% gentle baby makura

    A 100% fabric made of Japanese cotton in Japanese-style sickness. Soft and water-absorbable cotton is a perfect material for baby-chan.

  • Feeling of good volumes

    The thickness also supports the baby's head with a good volume. It is an item perfect for Baby-chan who has a habit because it is recessed in the middle.

  • In accordance with baby's growth

    Rings are often used for post-polishing and other purposes such as elimination, but they can not take such measures if they have been sleeping. Mom and dad are used to use or stop, and sometimes change the direction of your child, and sometimes it is used according to your child's growth.

  • Soft and soft double gauze made in Japan

    Soft soft double gauze fabric made in Japan. The goodness of the gauze is light, and the breathable and water absorption is excellent. This is because it is even better for the baby of the sweaty baby, including moderate air inside the two-doubled gauze fabric, so it is very cool as it is thin, so it is difficult to sleep and comfortably. It is a material that supports sleep and sleep. Also, I'm glad I'm getting touched with a soft touch every time I wash it.

  • Children's growth records and anniversary shooting, art makura

    Baby lumber that is often used in "# baby photo" and "# age photo" in Instagram. You can shoot growth records for each age or use it in various scenes. ※ This product will be sold only.

  • Quality inspection considering relief and safety

    I want my mom to choose my mom safely. Our products have implemented "product inspection, laundry test and fabric test" by third party organizations.

  • Natural's Small Maru, Stars / Moon Design

    A natural design that scatters a handwritten touch circle, star and moon, and a natural design that will be scattered from now on, and I finished it with a relaxed taste that was smiling only by imagining the bed of Baby-chan. You can choose from 2 colors of light gray x White, beige x Charcoal Black. ※ The back is plain plain.

  • Washing method

  • Product size

  • Ball letter 10

    Description 10

  • SPECSize, materials and specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    About 26 x 22 cm
    Green ground: 100% cotton: 100% polyester
    Please use the laundry net when washing. Please use it correctly according to your child's age and physical condition.
    Country of origin
    Designed Japan, Made In Japan
    Target age: 0 months ~