Baby Head Protection Pad (Cat)


  • The back style of the head cushion is irresistible!
    A convenient safety head cushion recommended for babies who can sit up on their own and have started waddling. The backpack type has an irresistibly cute back view. 
  • Shoulder portion elastic type, soft and fluffy with soft fabric
    The shoulder portion is covered with the same soft fabric as the main body so that the elastic does not hurt your shoulders when you carry the bag on your back. The length of the belt is adjustable, so you can adjust it to the correct position. (Please adjust it so that the cushion and the baby's head are aligned so that it is not too loose or too tight.)
  • Cute design that children want to hug

  • "Backpack" that is easy to carry.

  • Also appreciated as gifts and presents!
    The head protection pad is a popular gift from friends and grandparents, and of course, it is gift-wrapping compatible.
  • Washing method

  • Size of product

SPEC Size, materials and specifications

Item number
Brand name
Approx. 21cm × 35cm (Thickness: approx.  9cm)
100% polyester
Target age: 5 months to about 15 months
This product is intended to reduce the impact of a rear-end hit when a child falls and does not guarantee protection from any accident or injury. Please be sure to use this product within the reach of a parent or an adult.
Country of origin
Designed in Japan, Made in China