With baby sheet table


  • The spacious thighs

    The point of Essian baby sheet is spacious [30 cm] thick, so it is also around the thighs of Muchimuchi-kun, and Iya-chan is also fun and sitting with a smile smile!

  • Easy to clean, happy antibacterial processing

    Because the main body and table care is only dirty, it is only wipe it. Furthermore, since both the seat body and the table are combined, it can be used cleanerly.

  • Some good softness

    There are a lot of similar baby sheets, what is different? ? My mom is a must-see. Essian Baby Sheets are a popular product from Korea and softness that you can see if you touch it. Since the sheet surface is not too tlaries, you can stably sit down.

  • In various scenes

    A baby sheet that increases the opportunity to use when a baby food starts. Of course in the room, there is no doubt of a big success in various scenes such as meals and dresses on the go.

  • With a lumbar belt

    Simple buckle type lumbar belt with mounting. The length adjustment of the belt is also possible. ※ When using it, be sure to attach a lumbar belt.

  • Private tray is a big success in baby food

    Removable private tray. The installation is easy, and just slides to allow the tray to arrive from before while wearing hooks. You can enjoy baby food with a cup holder and play with a toy and use it in various scenes.

  • set content

    1. Body 2. Tray 3. Safety belt

  • Product size

  • Cautions for this product

    Be sure to use parents in order to safely use this product. Do not use it with the guardian's surveillance in the following places. · A place with a desk, a chair, a kitchen table, bed, and furniture, and a place with a slippery such as a bathroom or a pool, a car or a stroller, etc.

  • About the product

    Characteristics of materials and manufacturing methods We are not eligible for defective products. In addition, it may remain smell due to the characteristics of the product, but it removes from vinyl packaging and places a good shade with a good ventilated shade and no smell disappears. Please check and accept the above points before purchasing, please consider purchasing after understanding.

  • SPECSize, materials and specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    Sheet body: Width 37 × depth 37 × height 24 cm
    Seat Body: Polyurethane Resin Table: Polypropylene Belt: Polyester Buckle: Polyacetal Resin
    Until 14 months when the neck waited
    Country of origin
    Made in Korea