[Waterproof] Sweat removal baby pad [2 roles per sheet] 70 x 120cm


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  • 2 roles per sheet, sweat pad & waterproof sheets

    Baby, who spends most of the day on a futon, sweats a lot. "Waterproof sheets", which are indispensable for Baby -chan and "sweat pad" and indispensable for preventing dirt on the pods that cannot be washed very often. This item is a surface quilt sweat removal pad, the back side urethane laminated processing, and the waterproofing is the best one.

  • Simple quilt on a soft pile

    The pile is 100 % cotton (pile) with a soft and gentle touch. The simple square -shaped Pokopoko quilt is cute.

  • Water absorption, waterproof properly

    The back side has a polyuretan laminated processing, so it will be waterproof properly. Water absorbs on the surface and guards the water firmly on the back.

  • With rubber to prevent shift in the four corners

  • OK on top of the lipe or under the fitting sheets

  • Quality inspection considering safety and security

    I want my mom to choose a baby goods that can be used with peace of mind from newborns, so I want moms to choose with confidence because they are used by children. Our products are conducted by a third -party organization "product inspection, washing test, and fabric inspection".

  • Washing method

  • Product size

  • SPECSize, material, specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    Puppapupo Puppupo
    70 x 120cm (tolerance-3%~+5%)
    [Pile] Surface pile part: 100%cotton, 100%polyester, medium pawly: 100%polyester, 100%polyuretan laminated [India knit] Surface cotton, middle pole: 100%polyester, back polyuretan laminated processing.
    The back of the main unit is waterproof, but the piping part of the edge is not waterproof, so it may leak horizontally. Please be careful. This product uses polyuretan laminated on the back. Urethane may discolor depending on the effects of direct sunlight and fluorescent lamps, and the usage environment. This is based on the characteristics of urethane, and the performance in use is not different.
    Country of origin
    Designed Japan, Made in China
    Target age: 0 months ~