Coofan + Hug Duvet [Frill] Pile


    • With a frill with hug Friends

      Set of frills of sets can be used as it is.

    • The basket uses a natural cone

      Our club's Cufan is made of natural cone (corn's skin). Ecocoufan-friendly eco-Cufan.

    • I want to deliver safe inspection and questance

      Our shop's Cufan is carefully inspected and meter reading in all of the domestic domestically after importing one that works with one artist.

    • How to use from the time of discharge to the toy, it depends on the idea of ​​mom

      It can be used from the time of discharge from the House of Luck, and it can be used between rooms and unexpected sleeps at the house, etc. It is a cool-butt-fashionable natural goods as a fashionable natural goods that can be used as a fashionable natural goods that can be used upright, such as putting in and pet beds.

    • Because it is sold for the basket, it is perfect for handmade

      Recently a handmade of topics. If you want to enjoy the handmade with the Maternity Life, you will be able to purchase a bag with a bag, and let's make it free of cool fufn, such as frills, frills, frills, fringes, etc.

    • Sold together with the Sold Coom Stand

      It is recommended that you purchase with a separate Cohhan stand, which is useful for taking care of the baby.

    • Color variations

      You can choose from two colors.

    • Washing method


    • Product size


SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
puppapupo Poppopo
Cohen or Course Distance 48 × Depth 80 × height 28 cm Hug Duvet approximately 80 x 50 cm
Body Cage: Cone Hug Duvet Cover Part: Pilet Partial Cotton 100% Pile-Based Fluid Polyester 100% Flel Part: 100% Polyester Cushion: 100% Polyester
Until 0 months to 4 months
Since Cufan or the body produces one hand-knitted hand-knitted, some sizes may be different. Please do not sleep for a long time in this product. Please be sure to be attached to the guardian when using.
Country of origin
(Hug Friends) Designed Japan, Made in China (Cohan Ma) Made in China
Hug Foton Single item is here Coofan stand is here