Coufan + Hugging Futon Pile


  • Covering type Washing fluff that can be hugged

    The set of the set is used as it is. The cover is 100 % cotton pile that is soft on the skin. Hugging is a covering type, so if it is a little dirty, you can wash only the cover quickly.

  • A gentle hug with a soft pile

    All the part that touches the baby is soft and gentle with 100 % cotton pile material. "Pile", which has elasticity and water absorption, is a perfect material for sweaty baby.

  • The basket uses a special natural cone

    Our coupan is made of natural corn (corn skin). Eco -coup fan that is kind to the earth.

  • I want to deliver peace of mind with careful inspection and meter reading

    After importing handmade craftsmen by craftsmen, all the craftsmen are carefully inspected and meter -meter in Japan.

  • From the time of discharge to toys, how to use it depends on your mom's idea

    It can be used since the maternity hospital is discharged, and it is useful for moving between rooms at home and unexpected sleep on the go. It is a hot fans that can be used in various ways, such as putting in a dressing set when bathing, putting in a child toy, or making a pet bed when bathing.

  • Perfect for handmade because it is sold only for katsuto

    Recently a hot topic handmade. If you want to enjoy handmade in maternity life, please purchase only the basket and lipifon, and make your favorite koufan, such as the fitting set, decorative frills, fringe, etc.!

  • Variation of color and pattern that can be selected by moon star or cherry

    You can choose from 4 types: Star Moon x Ivory, Star Moon x Gray, Adorable Cherry x Beige, Cherry x Pink.

  • With the optional Kuwin stand

    It is recommended to purchase with an optional Kuwan stand, which is convenient for taking care of a baby.

  • Quality inspection considering safety and security

    I want my mom to choose a baby goods that can be used with peace of mind from newborns, so I want moms to choose with confidence because they are used by children. Our products are conducting "formalin tests" by third -party organizations.

  • Washing method

  • Product size

  • SPECSize, material, specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    Puppapupo Puppupo
    Coufan basket: Approximately 48 × depth 80 × height 28cm hug futon: Approximately 40cm × 70cm
    Coufan Kago: Corn Hug Futon: Cover: 100%pile part cotton, 100%polyester partial pile base cushion: 100%Gawa Polyester, 100%of the middle polyester
    Since the Kuwan Kago body is produced by hand one by one, the size may be slightly different. Please do not go to bed for a long time with this product. When using, be sure to accompany your parents.
    Country of origin
    (Hugging Futon) Designed Japan, Made in CHINA MADE IN CHINA
    Target age: From 0 months to 4 months

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