Rib Tights


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  • If you use every day, "Simple" is the most

    Simple design looks like any coordination and just fashionable. And it is affordable, comfortable and comfortable rib tights are this serving baby mast item.

  • Not too thick universal tights

    Ribnit unique stretchable + fit. It is thin and sheer, and you can feel free to wear in the same sense as tights. It is not only measures against cold and wearing as a fashionable Point accent ◎ The practicality that fits comfortably on the active baby body is also attractive.

  • Stress-free rib knitting knit that does not chick

    Soft and no chiky rib knitting knit is difficult to shrink like socks, it is difficult to shrink, it is excellent in durability, and even if you move around well, it is a material that is hard to get hairball, so you can use it for a long time.

  • 6 colors with popular color and popular baked color

    In addition to the standard off-white black-charcoal, it boasts Mustard Bordeaux Mosglean and adult face loss color variation from popular baked colors. I do not get tired even if I have a set of colors and trend colors, coordination.

  • Fashion items that can be enjoyed as a resulting color

    Simple style coloring color rib tights, rompers, one piece, short pants and pumps pants such as pants! Both boys and girls are rib tights that can enjoy fashionable with one piece.

  • Different Link Corde is cute

    Enjoy a brothers, sisters, friends and a different color. It is cute to want to take pictures without thinking.

  • I want to choose according to the scene!

    Tights are easy to take a walk or go out and make socks. It is an item perfect for the sunburn and cold measures. Spats are convenient for kindergartens and nursery schools that can be removed by yourself. (This item is tights)

  • Checkpoint

    Recommended for babies that came to walk, and behind the foot with "puppapupo" logo

  • Checkpoint

    A happy nametag with a school course, and it is easy to understand

  • Checkpoint

    Because it is given a mandle, even if you are wearing a diaper, it is also nice to wear and move

  • Checkpoint

    Simple design that is easy to match for any clothes is a big success in formal scenes such as birthdays and weddings

  • Checkpoint

    The fine commitment of the foil like socks is a fine feeling like a sock, the position of the heel is easy to understand and the comfort is completely different

  • Quality inspection considering relief and safety

    Because it is a child wearing it, I want my mom to choose with confidence for a number of times. As the apparel of our shop, "product inspection, laundry test and fabric test (formaldehyde)" by third party organizations according to baby standards defined in-house.





  • Size table

    After washing, some errors occur. note that.

  • About handling of goods

    ○ Please note that the color of the wearing friction and thin colors, combining with thin color, wet condition such as rainy days, sweat, and long-term storage, etc. Please be careful. ○ Please note that the combination of especially white background and light color is likely to move.

SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
Puppapupo Poppopo
75 / 85
Cotton polyester and others
Please read the above precautions carefully before purchasing. Some product colors may differ depending on your terminal and monitor. note that.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China
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