Knit Turtleneck Sweater


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    • The concept is easy to wear and wear

      Fashionable color use · Children are easy to wear, mommy is easy to wear, and it is easy to wear and coordinate. Petit Plastile Brand for Mom who doesn't want to compromise it anymore.

    • It can be used for basic, but there are a lot of commitments

      This catachch that makes the biggest body shape unique to Baby & Kids. A super-love-cute rib knit sweater with a lot of neck, sleeve, hem, simple but sticking.

    • 100% soft rib knitting knit without chicken

      A smooth texture rib knitting knit knitting with a soft and soft cotton 100% yarn is a comfortable comfortable wearing knit.

    • Basic or trend or choice coloring

      Color variations are ivory that can be used for basic, trend baked color, four color development of Mustard Charcoal Terracotta. It is easy to match any bottom smell because it is plain.

    • Adult face loss neck design

      Tightening feeling of mock neck and hi neck also feels in the neck of exquisite length.

    • Stress-free wearing

      It is easy to move, easy to move, high neck, but it is a bottleneck design that does not tighten the neck, so stress-free clothes.

    • Quality inspection considering relief and safety

      Because it is a child wearing it, I want my mom to choose with confidence for a number of times. As the apparel of our shop, "product inspection, laundry test and fabric test (formaldehyde)" by third party organizations according to baby standards defined in-house.

    • Link Corde is cute

      Since it is a unisex design, it is a brothers, sisters and friends, and enjoy the link corde with different colors. It is cute to want to take pictures without thinking.

    • Checkpoint

      1 Widespace widely spacious silhouette 2 bottle-like hyneck and warm from the neck

    • Checkpoint

      3 Sleeve Cute and Clear Puffy Puff Sleeve

    • Checkpoint

      4 Long tail specifications for long-length long-length length 5 sideslit

    • Checkpoint

      6 Lovely shoulder drop design 7 If there is a happy name tag






    • Size table

      ※ There is a difference between several cm depending on how to measure and measure. The size of the described size will be measured in a flat state. After washing, some errors occur. note that.

    • Precautions

      ○ We recommend that you compare the size and model wearing images, etc., and we recommend that you compare it with the normal wear size and purchase. ○ Please note that the color of the wearing friction and thin colors, combining with thin color, wet condition such as rainy days, sweat, and long-term storage, etc. Please be careful. ○ Please note that the combination of especially white background and light color is likely to move. ○ The color of the product is close to the real thing as much as possible, but it may be different depending on your monitor or terminal. please note that. ○ This product is packed immediately after production, so it may be somewhat smelled at the time of opening. It smells smells by washing.

SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
Puppapupo Poppopo
80 90 100
100% cotton
Please read the above precautions carefully before purchasing. We recommend that you compare the size and model wearing images, etc., and we recommend that you compare it to the normal wear size and purchase.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China