Long shirt


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  • Sala and comfortable, fashionable long shirt

    Even if I wear it with one sheet, it is a long shirt that can be worn that it is so cute even if it is combined with bottoms. I felt a spacious silhouette. Drop Shoulder Special Round Silhouette is also cute. Close the front and use one piece with one piece, easy to move and practicality.

  • Solo Code Link Code Can Do

    It is an item that enhances the feeling of going out, and the classic "Link Corde, Solo Corde" will enjoy. It is one of the points to be enjoyed as a time to spend while sharing the scene that "choose, wear and show" not only enjoying the fashion but also the scene that "choices, and show".

  • Checkpoint

    1 Soft denim fabric 2 thin cotton fabric with two sloppy denim fabric

  • Checkpoint

    3 A long-handed design with 4 and both side pockets and double side pockets 5 with a sense of drop shoulder

  • Checkpoint

    6 Coupled button type 7 Stand color design 8 Button Specifications Shirt type Because I was desperately as Horse

  • Stress-free wearing

    Aiming for a more stress-free mittle for mom, it is also easy to move and easy to wear.

  • Even one piece is also cute, tights and leggings

    It can be used for basic, and whatever it is easy to match, blue, fashionable red check and 4 color development of brown check.

  • Quality inspection considering relief and safety

    This product uses the same fabric as the apparel for your child. As the apparel of our shop, "product inspection, laundry test and fabric test (formaldehyde)" by third party organizations according to baby standards defined in-house.

  • SPECSize, materials and specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    Puppapupo Poppopo
    M l
    Denim: 100% cotton, check: 95% cotton (Layon polyester 5%)
    Please read the following precautions carefully before purchasing. ○ We recommend that you compare the size and model wearing images, etc., and we recommend that you compare it with the normal wear size and purchase. ○ Please note that the color of the wearing friction and thin colors, combining with thin color, wet condition such as rainy days, sweat, and long-term storage, etc. Please be careful. ○ The color of the product is close to the real thing as much as possible, but it may be different depending on your monitor or terminal. please note that. ○ This product is packed immediately after production, so it may be somewhat smelled at the time of opening. It smells smells by washing.
    Country of origin
    Designed Japan, Made in China