Double Gauze Sleeveless Ruffle Tunic


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  • Soft and gentle double gauze tunic

    Soft cotton 100%double gauze fabric has a gentle texture, as well as a natural and girly atmosphere. Sleep tunic with a soft frill with a girlish silhouette. The feature of gauze is that it blends into the skin plump every time you wash it, and it is a comfortable piece of this summer.

  • You can do solo corde link coordinates

    It is an item that can enjoy the classic "link coordinates / solo corde" that enhances the mood. One of the points is that you can enjoy links and pair coordinates not only to enjoy fashion, but also to spend time sharing the scene of "choosing, wearing, and showing" with your favorite family.

  • Checkpoint

    100%cotton soft double gauze 2 moderate thickness and breathability unique to gauze ◎

  • Checkpoint

    3 Natural wrinkles peculiar to gauze 4 Soft three -dimensional frill 5 Soft silhouette with a gathering under the chest

  • Checkpoint

    6 On the back of the loop button on the back 7, it is safe in the garden and school, with a name tag

  • Stress -free comfort

    For moms, they aim for a more stress -free comfort for children, and are particular about ease of movement, ease of wearing, and changing clothes.

  • Color variations

    Red, moss green, gray, and charcoal that are perfect for accents.

  • Quality inspection considering safety and security

    It's something that your child wears, so I want your mom to choose with confidence no matter how many. As with baby products, our apparel has conducted a product inspection, washing test, and fabric inspection (formaldehyde) by a third -party organization according to the baby standards set by the company.

  • SPECSize, material, specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    Puppapupo Puppupo
    80 90 100 110
    100% cotton
    Please read the following notes before purchasing. 〇 We recommend that you compare the measurement size and images worn by models, compare it with the normal wearing size and purchase it. 〇 Please note that when washing, friction during worn, combination with light colors, wet conditions such as rainy days, sweat, etc., and long -term storage. 〇The color of the product is as close to the real thing as possible, but it may look different depending on your monitor and terminal. please note that. 〇This product is packed immediately after production, so it may smell somewhat when opened. Washing will reduce the smell.
    Country of origin
    Designed Japan, Made in China
size 80 90 100 110
Length (cm) 36 38 42 45
Width (cm) 29 31 33 34
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