Socks 5 Pairs


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    • Cover rib socks 5 -legged set that can be used daily

      A set of 5 pairs of cover rib socks that wrap your feet in a lot of feet. When you wear shoes, they will show your feet clearly. All 5 colors that can be used regardless of gender. Back -side slip rubber specification.

    • Checkpoint

      "Rib specifications" that can be used 1 all season 2 2 Not too thin, not too thick, just right

    • Checkpoint

      3 Non -slip rubber on the back 4 You can change the color every day! 5 pairs set 5 pairs refreshing! Perfect for sneakers!

    • Stress -free comfort

      For moms, they aim for more stress -free comfort for children, and are particular about ease of movement, ease of wearing, and ease of wearing.

    • 5 color set with cute dull color

      We have a stylish coloring that is easy to match with fashion, not too much. A combination of 5 colors that can be used in unisex, such as ice beige, biscuits, olives, mocha, charcoal, and unisex.

    • Quality inspection considering safety and security

      It's something that your child wears, so I want your mom to choose with confidence no matter how many. As with baby products, our apparel has conducted a product inspection, washing test, and fabric inspection (formaldehyde) by a third -party organization according to the baby standards set by the company.




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Puppapupo Puppupo
9-14cm 13-16cm 15-20cm
Cotton polyester Others
Please read the following notes before purchasing. 〇 We recommend that you compare the measurement size and images worn by models, compare it with the normal wearing size and purchase it. 〇 Please note that when washing, friction during worn, combination with light colors, wet conditions such as rainy days, sweat, etc., and long -term storage. 〇The color of the product is as close to the real thing as possible, but it may look different depending on your monitor and terminal. please note that. 〇This product is packed immediately after production, so it may smell somewhat when opened. Washing will reduce the smell.
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