Washable Baby futon set (5 items) Mini size


  • 100% cotton futon
    All parts that touch the baby are made of 100% cotton fabric . Soft and absorbent cotton is the perfect material for newborn babies.
  • Cute shaped pillow for newborns and up
    This shaped pillow can be used immediately after birth. It has a good thickness and volume to support your baby's head. The concave shape in the middle is perfect for babies who have a tendency to turn their heads in the wrong direction.
  • Washable hard-cotton mattress futon
    For newborns with soft and undeveloped bones, it is best to use a futon with a certain degree of firmness to support the spine, rather than a fluffy and overly soft mattress. Foldable in two. You can wash the cover and the filling separately by taking out the inner core firm cotton.
  • Soft and fluffy "Jersey knit"
    The comforter cover, fitting sheet, and pillow are made of soft and fluffy jersey knit. The simple print and gentle texture of the comforter gently wraps the baby.
  • 60 x 90 cm compact futon
    This compact size futon is the most convenient size for a crib. Small and easy to transport.
     Because it's small, it's easy to clean and dry! A must for moms who don't want to leave their futons lying around!
  • Fitted sheet with elastics backside for easy installation and removal

    We use elastics on the backside for easy installation.

  • It's important to dry the futon every day.
    The futon requires regular care, dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place on a sunny day to remove any moisture that may have accumulated in the futon. If hand washing, remove the cover and stuffing then machine wash. After washing, dry the inside part and make sure it is dry before use.
  • Moon & Star Design

    The simple, cute moon and star patterns and exquisite coloring blend easily with room interiors and can be used by all genders.

  • Cover comes with zipper & strap to prevent slippage
    The futon's cover is zippered for easy in/out and can be fully opened from the top edge to the bottom edge for easy setting after washing. There is a string and ring attached to each inside to prevent the padding and cover from slippage.
  • Quality Assurance, Safety and Reliability

    We want our baby goods to be safe to use from newborns, and we want mothers to feel confident in their choice because their children will be using them. Our products undergo several tests (product inspection, washing test and fabric inspection) by a third-party organization.

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SPEC Size, materials and specifications

Item Number
Brand name
Comforter: 70cm x 87cm Comforter cover: 73cm × 87cm Mattress cover: 60cm × 90cm × 5.5cm Fitted Sheet: 62cm × 90cm × 6cm Pillow: 21cm × 27cm 
Having Futon Cover: 100% Cotton: Polyester 100% Boton: Polyester 100% Fitting Sheets: 100% Cotton Cotton Cotton 100% Cotton Cotton, 100% Middle Polyester 100%
The futon mattress must be washed by hand, and cannot be washed in the hand-wash mode of a washing machine.
Target age: 0 months ~
Country of origin
Designed in Japan, Made in China
Regular size (70 x 120 cm) is here