• It was too cute smock

    There was no reason, fashionable long-sleeved type children's smock. Simple plain and natural motif illustration patterns, clothes are worn to prevent dirty, but it will be a new idea like a western sense that makes you want to wear and wear a few pieces.

  • Recommended for such scenes

    Because it is a water repellent fabric, in various scenes. At the time of a work that uses drawing and sucking, etc., it is also possible to play a mommy, such as a lot of play and water play, and a bath cleaning, etc., but as well as an apron at the time of rice, action. Because it is up to a large size, it can be used as an apron of the brime ink splash measures and cooking training.

  • Holding material for water processing

    A soft fabric that has been water repellent is a cool and comfortable wearing. It is easy to clean and wipe with water and dirt.

  • Of course the laundry at home OK

    Soft and thin, firm fabrics can be laundry with a laundry at home. Because it is less than 100% polyester, it is difficult to become a wrinkle, so it is not necessary to work too much ironing.

  • Because it is a rubber type of cover, you can "!"

    Of course the adult is easy to wear, it is a collar rubber type that is only sophisticated to make it easy to change with yourself. The cuff was finished with soft and soft rubber. Both are too tightened and can be spacious.

  • Lively wearing nonstress

    Since it is a slightly larger size, it is nice to be able to wear some loose even in just a few sizes. I want you to wear long, it is also an ant, when you want to wear it relaxed to the peach. Since the cuff is rubber, the sleeve part is slightly larger ◎

  • Usage Located Building Side Pocket

    With a large pocket on both sides.

  • Happy Name Ticket

    Inside, there are many requests from moms.

  • Choose color variation

    A boy or girl or girl is easy to use [mint pink · beige gray] and Natural design [beige × olive mint x flower] 6 variations.

  • How to keep in mind

  • Reference size by height

  • Reference size by height

  • Product size

  • SPECSize, materials and specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    100% polyester%
    The size of the description is somewhat errors due to the way of measuring. Depending on the delivery time, there may be differences in the color of some colors. Please note that the color on the screen may differ from the real thing by your monitor, browser, and setting.
    Country of origin
    Designed Japan, Made in China
    Target age: 18 months ~