Nap cot cover 135 cm


    • Cute design cot cover for everyday nap

      Mom every day is busy, and it is decided that it is better to be able to get in preparation and your daily care! ! A new series appeared in the "Nap Cot-only cover" that is unnecessary and is unnecessary. The surface of the soft quilting specification is 100% cotton and the skin is also good. The four corners are rubbed with rubber and you will be able to comfort your child's nap.

    • Skinwood Tengu Knit OR Fabric (Fuhuku)

      The part that touches the skin is a happy cotton 100% Tengu knit fabric and fabric fabric. I wrap your child with a calm texture and soft skin. Because it is used every day, it is an important point that is essential as one of the reasons to choose.

    • Called quilt is also the function as sweat pads

      It also plays a role as a "sweat putt" of children with a soft quilting specification with a three-dimensional cottoon. Because there is a moderate thickness, it is a feature that the sleeping comfort is soft. Because it is firmly breathable, it can be used comfortably all year round. It is said that the cotton is difficult to make the cotton and the durability of the fabric is also good by quilting.

    • The four corners are difficult to shift with rubber, easy to remove

      Because it is a rubber band specification in the four corners, it is also easy to put on. Of course, because it is a horny specification, the cot can be superimposed as it is attached. It is safe to go out to the child who is worrying about the bed.

    • It is also used every day so I wash it with a washing machine OK

      Washed with a washing machine for busy moms and dads. Put it in the washing net and keep it as it is in IN. It is easy to clean.

    • Take the size of the nap cot

      Two types of cotcovers were prepared according to the size of the nap cot. This is a type of 58 × length 135 cm. ※ Please purchase the size of the cot used before purchase.

    • The edge is double-stitched

      It is a little time and effort, but the goodness of appearance and durability, the edge part is double-stitched.

    • Quality inspection considering relief and safety

      I want my mom to choose my mom safely. Our products have implemented "product inspection, laundry test and fabric test" by third party organizations.

    • Selected Material & Design

      Complete design and color variations. Soft texture "Tengu knit", smooth texture "fabric", and print design applied to each fabric is very cute. Because it is a simple color that is not questioned by gender, you can choose according to your preference.

    • Tengu knit lineup

      ※ The back is plain plain.

    • Fabric (fuss) lineup

      ※ The back is plain plain.

    • OK or OK, with name ticket

      Naped Cut Cover with many demand in nursery schools and kindergartens. A "Size ticket (size about 4 cm × 3 cm (size about 4 cm × 3 cm) that does not fade from the mommy is a highest request from the back.

    • Washing method


    • Product size


SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
58 x 135 cm (tolerance-3% to + 5%)
Top: 100% Cotton: 100% Polyester: Polyester 100% Life Life: 100% Polyester
This will be sold only for cotcover. ※ The cot body is not a set. Please select the product size referring to the size of your cotter.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China
Target age: 0 months ~
101 cm is here