Naped bed covered cover 2-piece set set


    • It is convenient for washing! Cover set

      For replacement of nursery school! And I want to make a new cover! In response to the request of the moms, we started to make a covering coverage for washing. If there is another one for washing, it is safe even in the season when it is difficult to dry the laundry. How to use it by seasonal mistakes or share it tomorrow? "Choose with parent and child" such as also increases.

    • Skilled Tengu knit

      The part that touches the skin is a happy cotton 100% Tengu knit fabric. I wrap your child with a calm texture and soft skin. Because it is used every day, it is an important point that is essential as one of the reasons to choose.

    • Opening and closing is a fastener specification & shift prevention.

      The cover can be fully open from top to bottom with fastener type that is easy to put out, and setting after washing is also easy. On the inside of the fluttering, it has a string so that the cotton and the cover do not shift. ※ The inner string may not be available for Puppapupo's hanging futon only with other companies' covers.

    • It is also used every day so I wash it with a washing machine OK

      Washed with a washing machine for busy moms and dads. Put it in the washing net and keep it as it is in IN. It is easy to clean.

    • OK or OK, with name ticket

      A "Size ticket (size about 6 cm × 4 cm (size about 6 cm × 4 cm (size about 6 cm × 4 cm)) has many requests from mom, and put on the back of the layout cover.

    • Standard Nap of Turtle Futon Cover Size

      The fluttering flutter is 79 x 110 cm, and the layout cover is 75 x 125 cm. ※ We support puppapupo's nap. If you want to match the other company's floating, please check the sized sizes used before purchase.

    • Selected Material & Design

      Complete design and color variations. Soft texture "Tengu knit", print design applied to fabric is very cute. The back of the cover was finished with a simple equivalent color. Because it is a simple color that is not questioned by gender, you can choose according to your preference.

    • Quality inspection considering relief and safety

      I want my mom to choose my mom safely. Our products have implemented "product inspection, laundry test and fabric test" by third party organizations.

    • Color variations

      ※ The back of the cover and the laying cover is plain.

    • Washing method


    • Product size


SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
Having Futon Cover: 79 x 110 cm Boyfill Cover: 75 x 125 cm (Ear-In Free Size 75 × 132 cm)
Having Futon Cover: 100% Cotton Bizzo Cover: 100% Cotton Cotton, 100% Polyester Cotton Cotton Cotton 100% Polyester 100%
Please check the sized sizes used before purchase. In the case of 4 cm or more of thickness, it may not be possible if it is not possible to spend in the horizontal sizes. The cord inside the fluttering fluttering may not be available for Puppapupo's hanging futon only with other companies' covers.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China
Target age: 0 months ~