Mothers tote bag with charm


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  • Simple design, large capacity, so easy to use

    Standard "Tote bag" of Momaback. Designs that do not depend on the season's sense of design, of course, the design that can be seen as the "THE Mothers Bag"! Simple Square Design perfect for Mom. Point Star Charm and Good.

  • I lost the partition of "Yeah"

    I eliminated useless space by eliminating the partition inside. The appearance is also simple, leisure, travel, etc. Since the bottom and the side face are about 16 cm, the 2L plastic bottle can not be in a large capacity design.

  • Glaciers with excellent compatibility with canvas

    Because it is used every day, the handle part is quite important point. As the hand is of course there is a length, it is put on the shoulder and putting out the luggage easily with one hand. A good adult cute gray jackle with a canvas fabric, the inner nylon material makes the shoulder and burden on shoulder. With a length adjustable strap that can be used with 3WAY as a shoulder type.

  • Natural-based look, canvas fabric that matches anything

    If you feel wrinkles, you can enjoy as part of the design, and a thicker Cotton Canvas Fabric is light than see the eyes and ideal for daily use. Momabag that is easy to match the mode or casually. ※ Although inspection of tensile strength etc. is performed, excessive force or extremely heavy thing, etc. may be carried out, so please be careful when handling.

  • Type breaking and stand standing tote

    Since there is a bottom plate, it stands up safely when placed. This bottom plate is removable, so it can be stored compactly when not. Long youth is essential because it is difficult to break more.

  • I will enter this way, but I can't get this way (laughs)

    (Example) Mobile, A4 Size Magazine × 1, B5 Size Magazine × 1, Pouch, Diaper Pouch, Tipaki, Towel Handkerchief, Gauze Towel × 2, Baby Bottle, Plastic Bottle, Purse, Kneeket, Cream × 2, Toy Such

  • This is "withdrawal"

    ○ Removable and cute star charm as key holder. 〇 〇 The key and the mobile phone to become lost are in the inner pocket. ○ The upper part of the bag is opened and closed with a magnet button so that the contents are hard to see.

  • It became like making "what we are easy to use"

    While there are various features and functions, such as having various features and functions, such as having an independent, one hand, and there are various features and functions, when our staff are actually used, "I'm glad if this happens" I wonder if I will not get to Mama Papa Experienced, and when I was in the form of everyone's opinion, such as Moma Daddy.

  • How to keep in mind

    In order to avoid coloring and deterioration, etc. in the characteristics of fabric, washing machine laundry is not recommended. If you are worried about dirt, you will be included in the cloth and wipe it into the cloth. After that, wipe water with a solid fucked cloth.

  • Overall size

  • SPECSize, materials and specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    Puppapupo Poppopo
    About (width) 38 × (depth) 16 x (height) 38 cm (not to hold) weight: about 470 g (separately shoulder belt about 108 g)
    Body: 100% cotton, shoulder belt: synthetic leather, polyester charm: synthetic leather
    Please note that this product may move color by water or friction. I can not wash. It may discolor when it hits direct sunlight or fluorescent light for a long time.
    Please note that this product uses metals and decorations. The size and capacity of the description will be somewhat errors depending on the way.
    Please note that the color on the screen may differ from the real thing by your monitor, browser, and setting.
    Country of origin
    Designed Japan, Made in China