• The outgoing comes out of fashion. Mother Mother Zuruk, a fashionable

    Now popular ruck-type Mothers Bag. It is convenient like the "THE Mothers Bag" that looks like it looks large, and the appearance of the logo and the logo, etc. A simple and fashionable ruckscassing of the mommy. Light and large capacity, I'm glad to Mom! Mother Zuruka with a lot of functionality clogged

  • Everyone will be "storage on storage"

    Children's change, diapers, and even their luggage, and Mom's luggage is always plenty. But this backpack, the appearance is a refreshing large capacity but surprisingly large capacity. If you use the partition and the pocket, it will be easier to organize it. "Where did you do? There is no problem.

  • Two main storage is too convenient

    It is a common specification for business, but there are many voices for Lady Surud, and two main storage types. It is really convenient to put in a separate place such as change, diapers, pouch, etc. It is a pleasure point to be able to put out things with two mains, and it is a pleasant point that the appearance is clear.

  • This look is a large storage space of "14"

    Since there are 14 pockets, it can be separated firmly. Pocket type and mesh, tablet, fastener, rubber, etc. I thought about the use of moments, such as mothers.

  • Water-repellent fabric with strong rain and dirt

    The outside is also safe water repellent (water) processing fabric with sudden rain and children's drinking. "Water-repellent" is no longer standard equipment for mommy, such as parks and shopping malls.

  • You can remove the backpack with hugged straps, and remove one touch

    When I want to put out my luggage, it is very difficult to lower the baby with a hug. Since the shoulder belt is buckled, it is possible to remove the backpack with a baby with a hug strap with one touch.

  • Points are jacked. Even if there are a lot of luggage, it looks fashionable

    Because the flap part and the previous pocket are simple and simple design with the jacket finish, the entire surface fits fashion overwhelmingly fashionable compared to the polyester's rucksack. Women's Gold fastener is also cute.

  • Lucky who uses every day is absolutely good

    Even though the capacity is about 20 liters, the total weight is 650g! It is easy to carry, and finished it to the weight that I do not mind when I carry it.

  • I stand up firmly

    Since urethane is in both sides and both sides, firm independence. It is easy to see and put out the contents when you open the flap by independence.

  • Firm soft shoulder belt

    Since it is a soft shoulder belt with a good thickness with urethane in the core, it mitigates the burden on shoulders. The length of the belt can be adjusted firmly.

  • Color variations

    Casual, chic, natural, feminine and feminine are also easy to match and are simple and fashionable color lineup that can be used for commuting. Are you like Beige and Black?

  • The goodness of usability is widely used from Daily to commuting

    Notebook PC, tablet, A4 material can be stored well, so it is a good rucksack that is useful even except Mothers Bag.

  • Pocket & Size Check (outside)

    (1) It looks like it's a refreshing pocket (2) Mesh pocket with a big gussy that comes with three baby bottles (2) Mesh pockets (3) Sapkishes and hand creams such as handkerchiefs and hand cream (4 ) (5) Two two side pockets (6) 350 ml plastic bottle are easy to take out with one hand, the back side pocket for smartphones and smartphones that combine crime prevention measures are also about 21 cm × 24 cm pocket, and longer wallets are also easy IN

  • Pocket & Size Check (Main Storage 1)

    (7) - (10) Inner pockets divided into four rooms (11) The mesh pocket on the back of the flap is convenient to put the key or periodic, etc. (12) An open pocket of about 23 × 29 cm single-sided urethane is tablet etc. Bottom sewing processed (13) with both sidewrethanes with both sidewe renets when the lower part is inserted

  • Pocket & Size Check (Main Storage 2)

    (14) A tablet pocket that contains a small-and-back sewing small PC (~ 12 inch). You can also fix it if it is a tablet. (15) Something convenient accessibility (16) A 5 cm storage space with a battery or charger etc.

  • Classic "Enclose so much"

    Example) Mobile, Tablet, Pouch, Key, Long Wallet, Gauze Handkerchief, Kneekette, Towel Handkerchief, Tips, Diaper Pouch (Diaper 5 sheets), Less , Baby sweets, hand cream, spare mask (3 sheets), alcohol eradication agent

  • "What we are easy to use"

    With many customers' voices from customers I want you to use it! !

  • How to keep in mind

  • Overall size

  • SPECSize, materials and specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    Puppapupo Poppopo
    About (width) 30 × (depth) 21 × (height) 45 cm
    Shoulder belt width: about 5 cm
    Capacity: about 20 liters
    Weight: about 650g
    Body fabric: polyester
    Flap and front pocket: Synthetic leather
    Country of origin
    Designed Japan, Made in China
    The size and capacity of the description will be somewhat errors depending on the way. Please note that the color on the screen may differ from the real thing by your monitor, browser, and setting. This product is equipped with water easily on the surface. It is not completely waterproof.