Diaper pouch


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  • A stylish pouch that can be used like a pochette

    Mutsu pouch like a simple and stylish design. It is a diaper pouch that can be carried with a little outing, travel destinations, etc. With a design that you don't know as a diaper porch in appearance, you can quickly go out and go out. The wiping pocket that can be opened and closed even if you hold it is nice.

  • Soft fake leather with a moderate feeling

    Despite the fake leather with a moderate texture, it creates a full -fledged appearance. It has an elegant finish with a soft texture and smooth surface.

  • "Magnet flap" that can be quickly wiped out

    The outer flap connected to the pocket inside is a magnet button, so it is easy to open and close, so you can quickly take out wipe from outside the bag.

  • A little ingenuity in the pouch

    The opening and closing part of the porch is a magnet button. With a fixed belt that is hard to shift the wipe inside. You can put 3 to 5 diapers in the main storage.

  • It is easy to take out because it opens it

    The secret of the appearance is the side button. And if you remove the buttons on this side, you can open the main storage part "Gababuto", so it is easy to take out diapers.

  • Ideal as a sub -bag because it looks clean

    It is difficult for mom to go out, and the main bag is full while it is packed with this. When you change the diaper, you can get the bag. 。 。 In such a case, if you have this diaper pouch as a sub -bag, it is an excellent thing that saves the trouble of the crap. The satisfaction of size, convenience, and fashion is really ◎

  • Discerning form

    This crisp drawstring -like form is "femininity", "mature", "elegant", "cute", "fashionable", "style" Give me.

  • I added a lot of time to the handle

    The handle that can adjust the length, the full -fledged metal button can be removed and the length of the string can be adjusted, so it can be hung from the shoulder, it is also a diagonal shoulder type, and it is stylish when hooking on a stroller. 。

  • A nice point that can be selected

    Color variations that are easy to match with any style are available. A versatile three colors that can be used in chic, casual, and formal places. Black Charcoal Beige and I want them all.

  • Simple but cute star charm

    OK to remove the charm of the accented star. You can put it sideways or remove it according to your preference.

  • How to clean

  • Product size

  • SPECSize, material, specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    Puppapupo Puppupo
    Approximately 20 × 7 × 25cm (without belt)
    Outer fabric: synthetic leather lining: polyester
    Use the wiping of the wipe with a outlet of 12 x 8cm or less. This product is only a pouch. The lid for wiping, the wiping body, diapers, etc. are not included.
    Country of origin
    Designed Japan, Made in China