Diaper Bag Backpack


  • Simple design, large capacity, and so easy to use.
    Popular backpack-type, with a simple design and large capacity! This backpack is perfect for moms who want an efficient backpack. It may look simple on the outside, but it has 14 convenient pockets.
  • Take with you everything you need
    There are 14 pockets both inside and outside the bag.
  • Lightweight
    The backside is made of mesh material with a urethane core to reduce the weight on the shoulders. It comes with a chest strap that can be adjusted to prevent it from slipping down. The length of the belt is also adjustable.
  • While still carrying the baby
    It is very difficult to put down the backpack while carrying your baby in your arms. The buckles on the shoulder straps make it possible to remove the backpack while carrying the baby easely.
  • Water-repellent finish
    It is popular because it can be used everyday. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Of course, the water-repellent finish makes it easy to wipe off dirt and rain.
  • Exterior pockets size 
    1: Large front pocket. Can hold three baby bottles.
    2: Front pocket for a handkerchief.
    3: Side pocket that can easily hold a 500ml plastic bottle.
    4: Side pocket with zipper.
    5: Backside pocket.
    6: Backside pocket for a wallet that is easy to take out with one hand and also has a security measure. 18cm x 22cm pocket allows a large long wallet to be easily inserted.
  • Interior pockets size 
    7-12: 6 Slip pockets
    13: Mesh pocket that can be easily accessed when the main zipper is opened.
    14: Laptop compartment for a 13-inch PC, iPad, etc.
    15: Main space that can hold an A4-size bag.
  • Example of use (working moms)
    (Example) Cell phone, 13-inch PC, bag, T-shirt, wallet, cord, kneecap, towel handkerchief, plastic bottle, notebook
  • Example of use (park & cafe with mom's friends)
    (Example) Cell phone, tablet, bag, keys, coin purse, long wallet, 4 gauze handkerchiefs, lap blanket, towel handkerchief, wipes, diaper bag (5 diapers), 10 changes of clothes for baby, plastic bottle, baby bottle, baby bottle case, snacks for baby
  • Perfect bag
  • Diaper bag for you
    Whith various features and functions.
  • Size

SPEC Size, material, specifications

Item Number
Brand name
Approx. (W)32cm x (D)21cm x (H)41cm Capacity: approx. 24L Weight: 555g
Bag: 100% polyester Handles: synthetic leather Ornament: synthetic leather
Please note that this product may cause color migration due to water or friction. This product is not washable. The product may discolor if exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent light for a long period of time. This product uses metals and decorations, so please handle with care to avoid snagging. The sizes and capacities listed may vary slightly depending on how they are measured. Please note that colors on the screen may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor, browser, or settings.
Country of origin
Designed in Japan, Made in China