Sunny Mat Tulle


  • OK from a newborn! You can wash it! Sunny mat with brushed material, elegant and chic tulle

    The surface has a soft brushed material, and the inside is a two -layer structure with batting, with a space exclusively for fluffy babies anywhere. Topics on Instagram and SNS such as baby photos, nap art, birthday photos! Tulle and fluttering cotton W frills are stylish and elegant Sunny mat. It is very popular for gifts with a bouquet -like package.

  • Recommended for baby nap and play mat!

    If you lay it in a living room, you can easily create a fluffy space for babies anywhere. Reliable near mom♪You can watch your baby nearby♪It looks cute and fun♪

  • The surface is fluffy with plenty of batting, with plenty of batting.

    The surface is a soft brushed material with a fluffy fluffy fluffy material, and the inside is a two -layer structure with plenty of batting, so you can spend a soft and comfortable time on the living room.

  • Plenty of fluttering tulle and cotton material

    A w -material frill with a cute tulle that overlaps and overlapped with cotton fluff and multiple layers. Because it is an elegant texture and color, it is a design that is easy to familiar with the atmosphere of the room.

  • OK from a newborn! A mat that can be used for a long time as it grows.

    You can use it for a long time as a play mat from changing diapers and sleeping as your child grows.

  • With non -slip processing, safe

    The back side has a non -slip "bonding process", so you can play comfortably on the flooring and play comfortably.

  • Perfect for your child's age photo!

    Let the Frill Sunny Matt sleep every month and take a picture to make a nice growth record easily!

  • Topic Baby Photos on Instagram

    ♯Half birthday♯Sleeping art♯Monthly photo♯Sunny Ma♯Monthly photo

  • Ideal for gifts! We will deliver it in a package like a bouquet with a ribbon.

    I'm glad to get it because it arrives with a bouquet -like package♪It is perfect for maternity photos and childbirth celebration.

  • Nuance aqua color

    The batting mat is white, the tulle part is a cute and refreshing aqua color, and it is a nuance color that is easy to use for boys and girls.

  • Washing method

    Even if it gets dirty, it can be washed with a washing machine, so you can use it cleanly and with confidence. (Please use a washing net when washing.) With a handle for hooking that is very convenient when drying!

  • Product size

    Diameter: about 130cm (mat part: about 100cm) thickness 2cm

  • SPECSize, material, specifications

    Item Number
    brand name
    Puppapupo Puppupo
    Diameter: about 130cm (mat part: about 100cm) thickness 2cm
    Matt part: 100%polyester (with back slip) tulle part: 100%nylon cloth: 100%cotton
    Do not use it for a long time to bed. This product is sold only for mat, does not include accessories.
    Country of origin
    Designed Japan, Made in China
    Target age: 0 months ~