Babido Ream Set


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    • Baby's Babywee, also

      Fashionable and peaceful baby. It is a wooden toy that can be used as a popular item of baby gift, a pacifier or a denture. (Food sanitation inspection of toy)

    • Three different designs

      Hosho · Kamomo · Take-up of three types of katachi are set.

    • For gifts in a fashionable box package

      Because it is in a dedicated box, it is also perfect for baby celebration. I'm glad that there are many such a toys.

    • Features of each toy

      Hosho · · · Holes are open in the middle, and small hands and grilled cloth parts produce a shooting star. Komomori · · · A cute little bell will enjoy with "sound". Thank you for your interest in baby parts.

    • There is no meaning if it is not a tight toy

      Assuming that the baby touches, there is no part that is covered and square. In all parts including paints, we have passed the food hygiene inspection of toys.

    • Product size

SPECSize, materials and specifications

Item Number
brand name
Puppapupo Poppopo
Hoshino: 114 x 65 x 15 mm Komon: 83 x 63 x 15 mm う か: 68 × 68 × 15 mm
Hoshino: Natural wood (beech), cotton and cotton: Natural wood (beech), bell う:: Natural wood (beech)
18 months
Safety is sufficiently considered, but be sure to check well before use, and do not use if there is a point such as corruption.
Country of origin
Designed Japan, Made in China